Our company provides services
recovery and recycling of these wastes

car Kits
Batteries and their components
Archival documents v.t.ch secrecy
Ammonia in any state, with its extraction
Dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines and components thereof
Batteries of all kinds and types
Drill cuttings and drilling waste
household appliances
electroplating waste
Gas and its components
Baby goods
Fats of any kind
Grains and cereal waste
Ash and sludge
Needles and medical scarifiers
Insulators of all types
insulation materials
Cable production and its components
Cartridges and their components
cash register
Acids and bases of all types and concentrations
Clay and its components
Leather and leather industry wastes
Computer and office equipment
Computer industrial type and destination
Condensates and rain wastewater tanks and sumps
Capacitors of all types with any content and content
Confiscated products of any type
Cosmetics, perfumes, personal hygiene products and their ingredients
Paints and their components in any form
Bactericidal lamps, sodium, ultraviolet, fluorescent
DRV lamps, DRL, HPS
Drugs and their components
Fluorescent lamps of all types and forms
Oils, greases and pastes technical
Furniture and its components
Medical and similar waste arising from medical practice
Medical equipment and devices
Monitors and computer equipment
Mule and silt
Naphthalene and its components
Waste process neutralization of acids and alkalis
Petroleum products of any type and composition
Sludge, its foundations and rainfall
footwear products
Extinguishers of any type and with any filling
laboratory waste
Office equipment and a server equipment, and peripheral devices
Waste production and industry

Office and computer technology
Cooling and cutting fluids
Paronita, waste rubber and rubber
Sand and soil and contaminated prosochennogo
Pesticides and their use waste
Perchlorethylene and tertrahloretilena
Polyethylene plastic and
Film of any composition
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and waste with their content
Tires and rubber waste
Precursors and referenced to the entire PCB
Food and food products
Industrial waste of all shapes and types
industrial electrical equipment
Propylene and ethylene
Masks and their components
Solvents and their components on any basis
Solutions of gaseous, liquid and solid
Rubber products
mercury lamps
Seeds and waste
Agricultural waste,
agricultural machinery
agricultural commodities
Ship and port waste
Silica gel, and other hydrophilic sorbents
system blocks
Resins constituting the binder and their components
Soda waste and its application
Salts and their solutions
Overalls, footwear and items special protection
Methyl alcohol and ethyl
Glass, ceramic and waste
Washing machines and other household appliances
Tara herbicides
Tara pesticides
textile waste
Goods overdue, damaged and other marketable products
Transformers of all types, with or without filling
Packaging materials and containers
Disposal of filters: air, oil, fuel, water
Automobile tires and other wheeled vehicles
Slag and sludge
Railway sleepers, wood and concrete
Syringes and droppers
Alkali hydroxides and alkali and alkaline earth metals
electrical insulating materials
electrical Engineering
Electrolyte and other acids
Emulsions and solutions

"UTILVTORPROM" company- a reliable partner in the field of waste management and environmental services companies, offers its services for the destruction, recycling, disposal and recycling of industrial and consumer waste: industrial, chemical, technological, commercial, automotive, agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, biological, contaminated with expired.

It owns complex modern high temperature processing and thermal elimination (disposal) of waste I - IV hazard class. The complex meets all the requirements of the law of Ukraine "On removal from circulation of low-quality and dangerous products is confirmed by certificates UkrSEPRO production by 02.03.2015 was №UA3.033.0035-15. In addition, the company is able to dumping waste III - IV class on its own landfill, which is confirmed by a certificate of UkrSEPRO production of №UAZ.28.01.2015 033.0014-15.

All work is carried out in compliance with the existing rules of operation in the field of hazardous waste management, accompanied by the appropriate documentation and provides the Executive responsible to the regulatory authorities.


recycling technology

Briefly process waste on a complex for the production of alternative fuel and energy from waste wood, organic waste and other bio-organic, can be described as follows.

utilizatsiya-othodovAfter the adoption of the warehouse, checkweighing and appropriate labeling waste gets to the production facility. Shredded waste through shredder to a size of not more than 60 x x 60 60 mm with a rotary screw are fed into the hopper feed system (1), which works on a "live floor", to thoroughly mix. Ready-waste mixture (40% of the total weight) and alternative solid fuels (60%) due to the rotational-translational movement of the bar with scrapers disposed on the bottom of the hopper fall onto the transport line, which consists of a screw, and fed to the top of gasification chamber ( firebox) Fitting (3) Bulky wastes not larger than x 400 380 780 mm x fall within the upper gasification chamber (furnace) Fitting (3) through hatches with the pusher (2). Liquid wastes are premixed with schepoyu (finely-fractional solid fuel) and fed directly into an automatic loader feed system hopper (I), upper chamber gasification installation preheated to 800-900 ° C temperature and operates with oxygen deficiency. In such circumstances, the waste decompose and form syngas (flammable gas), which is due to vacuum created by exhauster (7), enters the bottom of the camera, wherein, provided that the additional air flares and combusted in a turbulent flow at about 1300 FROM. Gases which extend (products of combustion of the synthesis gas), under the influence of dilution gases are sent to after-burning chamber (4), and wherein the afterburning is carried substances formed during the gasification of waste materials. Thus there is a thermal oxidation of the decomposition products. After this phase the gases enter the water heating boiler (5), where their heat energy is extracted with water which circulates in the boiler and heat energy is transmitted to customers or to the cooling system depending on the time of year and consumer needs. Gas-dust flow which given their energy to the water, is directed through the dry filter in the scrubber (6), where the fine dust is cleaned from and discharged into the atmosphere through a stack (8). The mixture of ash and slag is removed from the working chamber with the accumulation in the working chambers in an automatic mode and enters the storage bin (9). Hazard class of ash and slag mixture - 4, which allows you to place it in an open area in metal containers and the accumulation of solid waste disposal in a landfill deposit. Such a waste treatment technology, namely the disposal of hazardous waste by high-temperature combustion in the furnace of special design, with the afterburning and purifying the generated gases recommended for use in Europe as the best technology of thermal disposal of hazardous wastes and comply with the Directive 2000 / 76 European Union, which strictly regulates technology hazardous waste incinerator

Disposal and recycling of waste UtilVtorProm ☎ (095) 132-33-11, ☎ (096) 132-33-11

Installation for recycling waste containing mercury

Installation designed for thermal demercurisation *, the removal of mercury from:
fluorescent lamps of all types, as well as burners high-pressure mercury lamps such as DRL
Demerkurizatsiya - removal of mercury and its compounds by chemical or physico-mechanical methods to avoid poisoning of people and animals.

Disposal and recycling of waste UtilVtorProm ☎ (095) 132-33-11, ☎ (096) 132-33-11

Rotary furnace

Quality feature allows to increase the productivity and reduce the total consumption of fuel or electricity. Rotary furnaces are ideally suited for the processing of loose mixtures, slags, scrap, cereals, various chips (including oily, wet) foil and other raznosortnyh, oversize and waste compacted scrap.

Disposal and recycling of waste UtilVtorProm ☎ (095) 132-33-11, ☎ (096) 132-33-11

incinerator furnace

Incinerator subjects the waste to heat treatment at a temperature of up to 600 1800 degrees Thermal recycling- a modern waste technology recycling that promotes the most efficient use of natural resources. Disposal of hazardous waste is produced by high-temperature combustion, meeting the requirements of European Union Directive "On incineration.

recycling UtilVtorProm acids ☎ (095) 132-33-11, ☎ (096) 132-33-11

Station neutralization of acids and alkalis.

It produces neutralizing acids, acidic solutions, etching waste metals, electrolytes, alkalis

Disposal and recycling of waste UtilVtorProm ☎ (095) 132-33-11, ☎ (096) 132-33-11

Line crushing, washing, drying and granulating container.

line It intended for shredding, washing, drying and granulation packaging of hazardous chemicals under