Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Answers to frequently asked questions

? Can I return for free / sell / buy waste?

The scope of our business does not include recycling and the purchase of raw materials. We provide a full range of services for the disposal of waste of various hazard classes for a fee. The activities of our company are regulated by laws and regulations of Ukraine.

? Do you accept batteries, tires, mercury-containing devices, thermometers, light bulbs among the population?

The scope of our business includes the disposal of various types of waste, including mercury-containing wastes, batteries, tires and other wastes. But we provide paid services exclusively for organizations and enterprises. The minimum lot of waste to conclude a disposal agreement must be at least 200 units. If there is a smaller quantity of waste or there is no possibility to pay for utilization services, we recommend that you contact a state-owned company that provides public services for your community. The specialists of this company should organize the free reception of hazardous waste with a view to their further disposal. If there are no such companies and collection points in the territory of waste generation, please inform the administration of the settlement of our details in order to establish bilateral cooperation and resolve the issue of waste disposal.

? Crashed thermometer / mercury lamp, can come to collect mercury?

We provide professional services for the collection, transportation and disposal of waste of various hazard classes. The collection of mercury is carried out by organizations that specialize in this area of ​​activity. We recommend contacting the Ukrainian Emergency Situations Service or the Demercurization Service.

? How fast can you make a contract with you?

One of the key features of the service is efficiency in the preparation of contracts. If you need urgent receipt of documents, our specialists will send a scanned copy prepared agreement, licenses and certificates for carrying out activities In one hour. After providing the customer details and prepayment for the invoice, the finished set of documents is sent by courier to the specified address or is available for receipt at the office of the company. Payment can be made at the cash desk of the bank or by transfer to the bank account of the company.

? Can I get a contract and pay later when export is required?

Services for loading, transportation and disposal are provided after the conclusion of the contract and receipt of prepayment on the company's current account. An exception are budget organizations that operate on a postpaid system. For commercial organizations, a deferred payment is granted upon presentation of a letter of guarantee for payment after a preliminary discussion of the issue.

? How to get a discount on your services?

We apply an individual approach to each client, therefore the discount amount is calculated only after reviewing the work plan. Discounts depend on the amount of waste, the frequency of their removal, hazard class. It is possible to get additional discounts if you recommend us to your friends. You can find out detailed conditions and the size of the discount from the managers of the company.

? Can we bring our waste ourselves?

Waste transportation is subject to availability Licenses issued by the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety (Ukrtransbezpeka), which allows to ensure the safety of transportation. Depending on the type of waste and hazard class, different transport is used, which allows observing the conditions for the collection, transportation and unloading of waste. Non-hazardous waste, depending on its mass and type, can be transported independently. You can clarify the details with the managers of our company.

? And if you do not need to export waste, because there are very few of them?

We work with large companies and organizations, as well as with small companies that order the disposal of small quantities of waste. For such companies, special conditions of cooperation are provided that allow for the preventive removal of waste on demand at a convenient time for the customer. Indeed, the identification of unauthorized waste accumulation by state services threatens to receive fines, impose regulations or suspend activities. Cooperation with recycling companies allows you to get a set of documents for inspection bodies and free up space on the company's territory.

? Do you return money for the extraction of precious metals from office equipment?

Office equipment contains a small amount of precious metals, which does not cover the costs of the procedure for their separation, disposal, sorting and processing. Therefore, it is more expedient to conclude an agreement on the removal and disposal of office equipment and get a complete set of documents for submission to inspection bodies and disposal of decommissioned equipment.

? Are you involved in electronic trading?

Our company is a conscientious provider of waste management services, as evidenced by active participation in government and commercial procurement. We put forward cost-effective offers at various venues where auctions, tenders, tenders and competitions, price requests and much more are held.

? We found a warehouse with old chemical waste. What kind of waste we do not understand. What to do?

If chemical waste is detected, immediately call our specialist chemist. He will take samples for laboratory analysis and determination of waste composition. Based on the results obtained, an individual calculation of costs will be made, which includes the collection, transportation and disposal of waste. In agreement with our offer, we will provide a contract for services and an invoice for payment. After the receipt of funds in the account, we will take out the waste and provide a set of documents. It includes an act of acceptance and transfer (indicating the amount, type of waste), an act of work performed, permits for activities, documents for tax, etc. The acts must indicate the date of disposal, the amount of waste transferred for recycling.

? How do you dispose of the waste?

All work is carried out strictly in compliance with the current standards of operations in the field of hazardous waste management in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, as well as Hazardous waste handling licenses. The method of disposal or destruction depends on the specific type of waste and produced in accordance with regulated regulatory documents. The bulk of the waste is neutralized thermally, partly by mechanical grinding followed by neutralization of harmful components in a disinfecting solution, part is separated into components and disposed of, mercury-containing waste is processed by demercurization. Some types of waste can be disposed of at the 3-4 hazardous waste solid waste landfill, which is equipped with all the necessary elements.

? How to determine the hazard class of waste?

In Ukraine, there is no strict classification of wastes that defines hazard classes. But in some regions local lists have been developed. According to the Law on Waste, the composition, properties and degree of hazard of waste to the environment are determined by business entities together with executive authorities. The hazard class is approved by the bodies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the basis of the State Sanitary Rules and Norms of the Sanitary Inspection and Regulation

? What operations are included in the concept of "waste disposal"?

Waste disposal - storage of waste and its burial in specially designated places. In particular, this list of operations implies:

  • dumping on the earth or burial in the earth;
  • tillage;
  • deep injection;
  • discharge into surface water bodies (sedimentary basins, ponds);
  • dumping in specially designated landfills;
  • discharge into water bodies;
  • discharge into the seas or oceans, burial on the seabed;
  • Permanent landfill (in the mine).

? What is the difference between waste disposal and storage?

Interpretation of these terms has an impact on the formation of permits, the payment of environmental tax. In Art. 1 of the law of Ukraine "on waste" defines the differentiation of terms.

Under the placement means the location in designated areas for an indefinitely long time, and storage - a temporary location until the disposal process (can be carried out in other places).

How to choose the company for waste management and environmental services of the enterprise?

Make sure that the service provider company has a production base and the necessary equipment, which is in working condition;

Check the availability and validity of the license for handling hazardous waste and the types of waste specified in the license;
With a list of licensees for the management of hazardous waste you can find on the website of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine menr.gov.ua
Follow the link: Home / Business / Permits and Licenses / Licensed Register (hazardous waste handling) menr.gov.ua/content/perelik-licenziativ-na-provadzhennya-gospodarskoi-diyalnosti-z-povodzhennya-z-nebezpechnimi-vidhodami.html

Check the availability and validity of the license for the transport of hazardous waste;
The list of licensee companies for transportation of hazardous waste can be found on the website of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety dsbt.gov.ua
Follow the link: Home / Legislation / Orders of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety dsbt.gov.ua/storinka/nakaz-ukrtransbezpeky-no-624-vid-27062017-pro-pryynyattya-rishennya-shchodo-zalyshennya-0#Dodatok2

Please note that business entities are exempt from paying an environmental tax for the generation and disposal of waste, subject to the conclusion of a contract for the disposal or disposal of waste with a specialized organization licensed to handle hazardous waste.

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