Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine


Utilization and recycling of textiles

Textiles are very recyclable for reuse or for the production of new products (off-label use)

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Utilization and processing of rubber products

In the modern world, rubber and rubber products play an extremely important role. The use of rubber is so widespread that it can only be compared with the volume of metal products.

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Utilization of building materials

Most building materials are recyclable enough to be reused as raw materials for making new building materials.

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Recycling and recycling of steel

Steel — one of the few materials that can be used a large number of times. Thus, steel poses a minimal threat to the environment. In addition, steel processing is economically justified and significantly reduces the cost of raw materials in the subsequent production of steel products.

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Disposal of metal pipes

The need to dispose of metal pipes arises for a number of objective reasons. During operation, the pipes, although they have a special anti-corrosion coating, still corrode over time.

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Utilization and reuse of bitumen

According to its technical characteristics, bitumen refers to hazardous types of waste that are subject to mandatory disposal or recycling. Technical bitumen belongs to the third and fourth classes of hazardous waste.

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  • Shilov Terenty
    05 June 2022, 12:55
    I would like to say thank you. We decided to use the recycling services and did not regret it. We will be glad to cooperate in the future, we really liked the approach to work. Good luck and prosperity in your hard work!


  • Grishina Maryam
    06 June 2022, 11:10
    I want to leave feedback on cooperation in the disposal of production waste. We decided to apply here, because the availability of licenses is important. Reliable company, few of them. Thank you. Really competent staff. Thank you. Recommended.


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