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Wool processing

Wool processing is a phased technological procedure. In the process, the waste is sorted and divided into two categories. The first group goes for recycling, the second for recycling.

Woolen waste - residues and scraps of fabric, worn-out products, defective materials, fibers stuck in the details of processing machines. The same group includes primary processing waste after shearing sheep and tow.

Why wool need to donate for recycling

Pure wool is a natural material, and therefore does not bring much harm to the environment. However, this applies to raw materials. In industries engaged in spinning, weaving and tailoring, wool in its pure form is almost never used. During processing, it undergoes bleaching, dyeing, synthetic threads are added to natural fibers. Such materials, when accumulated and disposed of in a landfill, pose a threat, as in the process of tissue decomposition, chemical dyes enter the soil and groundwater, worsening the ecology.

Wool processing is not only environmentally friendly, but also an economically viable solution, since enterprises operating in the field of light industry store textile waste in a separate area. Thus, the useful production area is allocated for a warehouse of residues and defective materials.

Processing of sheep wool using a special technology makes it possible to get rid of littering, as well as to get secondary raw materials at a favorable price. After recycling, waste is obtained, which can be used as a filler for blankets, upholstered furniture, clothing, cushioning insulation for floors in construction, as well as for the production of nonwoven materials.

Who needs recycling and disposal of wool

Wool waste is collected at enterprises that are directly related to spinning, fabric production, sewing and knitting of clothes from this natural material. Trimming, fiber, flaps, manufacturing waste, recyclable, often collected on:

  • sewing productions (factories, workshops);
  • farms that contain sheep;
  • weaving and spinning mills.

Large and small agricultural enterprises engaged in raising animals for meat often do not independently process sheep wool. In this case, shorn wool is given for processing, and then successfully implemented. Due to this, livestock farms can receive additional income.

Features of the disposal of wool

Wool processing is divided into two types depending on the raw material - textile waste and slime, spinning waste and sheared sheep wool. Textile waste and spinning are first sorted. They are divided into groups, sorting out according to several criteria:

  • type and composition of the material;
  • type of dye and color;
  • degree of pollution.

For the processing of wool used special equipment. After sorting each batch goes through several stages:

  • wash;
  • dry cleaning;
  • shredding / cutting;
  • loosening;
  • breaking off;
  • re-pulping;
  • combing.

Further, the processed wool can be used as recyclable material. For example, as a heater, cushioning material for furniture, linoleum. Non-woven wool waste is used to produce nonwoven materials in which fibers are attached to the base in various ways.

The processing technology of sheared sheep wool is primarily aimed at cleaning, which is carried out in several stages - the removal of coarse debris and dust, soaking in detergent solution, several washes, rinsing, washing. In the process of cleansing, lumps and clots are removed that cannot be further processed. After complete cleaning and getting rid of complex contaminants (sweat, fatty substances), the wool is dried in special cabinets and then combed in industrial machines. After these procedures, the fibers are ready for spinning.

For high-quality processing of sheared wool and textile waste into the most popular raw materials, please contact UtilVtorProm. Our specialists know all the details of the processing technology of a material of a different type and quality. Production is equipped with modern equipment for the phased conversion of waste into secondary raw materials and disposal of residues. We provide reception and delivery of special vehicles. Also, certification of waste. Documents are provided in a convenient way for the client. Prices for processing are discussed individually.

If you have any questions, please call or email. We will draw up a contract and send it for your consideration. If necessary, the manager will give advice on our services.

UtilVtorProm works in all major cities of Ukraine.

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