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Utilization of germicidal lamps

Germicidal lamps are widely used in many medical institutions, kindergartens and schools, cosmetology rooms and other public places. The main advantage of these lamps is a destructive effect on pathogenic microorganisms. One of the drawbacks is worth noting - the use of mercury vapor as a filler. There is no threat as long as the tight integrity of the lamp is not broken. But if the germicidal lamp is broken, there will be negative consequences both for the human body and for the environment. Therefore, the disposal of germicidal lamps must be carried out with the utmost rigor within the framework of the envisaged recycling technology.

What is the danger of germicidal lamps

Like everyone else mercury-containing lamps, bactericidal devices after processing before disposal must pass the procedure of neutralization. If, instead, it is easy to throw out lighting devices, in case of violation of sealing, mercury vapor enters the air, soil, and water, which leads to pollution. Depending on the concentration of the harmful substance, the environment may become unsuitable for the life of living organisms, i.e. in this area, not only will the flora and fauna disappear, but there will also be a threat to human life.

No less dangerous are situations when bactericidal lamps are broken in closed rooms. A total of 0,1 g mercury is capable of making 5000 m3 air unsuitable for breathing.

Features recycling germicidal lamps

Bactericidal lamps, after they have fulfilled the due date, can be recycled to produce recycled materials - mercury. In this case, the production of mercury by the method of processing bactericidal lamps will be cheaper than its primary production.

Bactericidal lamps are disposed of using various technologies. These can be vacuum traps, devices for de-mercurization and so on. But the process itself should consist of the following stages:

  • collection and transportation of lamps to the place of disposal;

  • mercury vapor removal;

  • lamp shredding;

  • sorting material for recyclables.

Processing of germicidal lamps allows not only to get pure mercury, but also to protect the environment from pollution.

Consequences of refusal to dispose of germicidal lamps

All organizations that use germicidal lamps in their activities are obliged to dispose of them in accordance with current legislation. The implementation of these commitments is strictly monitored. In case of refusal to dispose of germicidal lamps, the offender will be punished. At best, it is an impressive fine, but criminal liability is also possible, since mercury-containing devices and devices belong to hazardous waste, which can lead not only to pollution of the planet’s ecological system, but also to human death.

Utilization of bactericidal lamps in LLC Utilvtorprom

The company "UtilVtorProm" provides services for the transportation and disposal of germicidal lamps and other household and industrial waste at affordable prices. The full range of recycling services includes:

  • collection of lamps and their primary disposal;

  • transportation to the place of processing;

  • storage in special rooms;

  • recycling.

For the disposal of germicidal lamps, we use modern equipment and advanced technologies, which ensures the safety and efficiency of the process. The technologies used by our company to neutralize mercury vapor do not have a negative impact on the environment.

To order, call or send a message to the mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. You can also use the order form.

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