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The disposal of biologically active wastes is an important measure that directly concerns the technological safety of the population and the environment as a whole. The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are replete with all kinds of products that are produced to maintain public health. but expired medications and other means pose a serious threat to the environmental situation and people's lives.

Classification of biologically active waste

The services of the company, which is engaged in recycling, necessarily require the following storage facilities for biologically active products:

  • pharmaceutical warehouses;
  • pharmacy chains;
  • enterprises that have medical staff in their staff;
  • tram, trolleybus, bus fleets;
  • transport companies.

Biologically active wastes are subject to mandatory disposal until complete disposal.

Rules for the collection, transportation and disposal of biologically active waste

The collection, transportation and disposal of biologically active wastes have some differences depending on the level of environmental hazards.

The following biologically active products are subject to immediate disposal:

  • medical preparationswhose expiration date has expired;
  • drugs that are in packages with erased validity date;
  • tablets or capsules that are stored outside the blister with the name and date of validity;
  • color change solutions;
  • drugs that have been overwetted;
  • Ampoules with solutions stored in improper conditions.

Today there are several ways to properly collect, transport and dispose of biologically active waste. Among them:

  • packaging at the place of detection and removal by special means followed by burial at polygons of IV and V hazard classes;
  • disposal of toxic drugs by chemical neutralization by mixing with special mixtures;
  • destruction of waste fragments in glassware at high temperatures and high atmospheric pressure in autoclaves;
  • waste disposal by multi-stage exposure to inert gases.

The choice of the method of disposal is determined by the inspector, assessing the degree of hazard to the health of the surrounding people.

Danger of biologically active wastes at refusal from utilization

Managers of enterprises are obliged to appoint responsible persons for the audit of biologically active substances, which are used for industrial and individual purposes. Such checks should be carried out every six months, recording the data in a special journal.

In case of refusal to dispose of and conceal the spread of dangerous toxins, the head of the company or the labor safety inspector responsible for the safety of the life of employees is subject to penalties.

The price list for the disposal of biologically active waste is provided by the inspector of our company when going to the site and inspecting the territory where hazardous waste is stored.

To order services for the disposal of biologically active waste in an enterprise or in a private room, please contact UtilVtorProm. You can order services, get answers to your questions from the managers of the company. To do this, call the numbers or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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