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Paper recycling

Waste paper is any paper product that has become unusable. This refers not only to physical deterioration, but also informational - newspapers and magazines, advertising brochures and booklets have a very small shelf life. As a rule, having scrolled through the printed matter one or two times, we send it in the trash, but it is much more correct to recycle the paper.

Why recycle paper

Despite the fact that the paper does not belong to hazardous substances (in fact, it is a compressed and dried mass, which contains wood pulp and glue), its recycling is an important task. The decomposition of paper waste from 2 months to a year, and some packaging - and 2-3 year.

Every year in the world hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down to produce paper products - paper for printers, colored and corrugated cardboard, paper packaging and so on. In most cases, waste paper is thrown into the trash after the first use. However, recycling waste paper (paper, cardboard) can solve several important issues:

  1. Reduce environmental damage caused by paper production. In the production of paper, many toxins and harmful chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere (the same formaldehyde).
  2. At times reduce the number of trees felled. On average, recycling tons of paper (waste of a different plan - printed products, cardboard packaging, etc.) can save from cutting up to 1-2 tons of wood.
  3. Reduce the amount of energy consumed. If you properly organize the process of recycling (paper, plastic), you can halve the consumption of electricity.

Paper recycling

With the increase of paper waste increases the load on nature. Damage can be viewed from different angles:

  1. Pollution of nature. Unprocessed paper trash, accumulating on landfills, various open areas with time, albeit not as quickly as in the case of other waste (for example, paint), produces harmful toxins that enter the soil and atmosphere. Paper recycling solves this problem completely.
  2. Destruction of nature. Paper products are made from wood. Despite the fact that this resource is renewable, too slow growth of trees can lead to the fact that increasing with each year the consumption of paper will lead to the complete destruction of this segment of the plant world.
  3. The depletion of other resources. If you compare the production of paper and recycling waste paper, recycling requires several times less energy, fuel and finance. In addition, it is accompanied by a smaller release of toxins into the atmosphere.

Paper recycling stages

Paper recycling begins with the sorting of raw materials by the following parameters:

  • Colour;
  • humidity;
  • cellulose fiber length;
  • degree of pollution.

Each group is disposed of separately, although in general the process is the same - first with the help of special hydraulic breakers the raw material is divided into fibers, the glue connecting them is removed, various impurities. After that, the waste paper is converted into a clean pulp from which it is possible to produce finished products - paper.

Paper recycling in “UtilVtorProm”

The company "UtilVtorProm" offers services for the disposal of any waste. Our advantages:

  • flexible payment system;
  • reasonable prices;
  • timely execution of tasks.

Transportation of waste is carried out by our company in compliance with all safety standards.

Call to order paper recycling or to consult a specialist. You can also write to the mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Or leave an order on the site.

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