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Diesel fuel processing

Disposal of diesel fuel may be required in many cases - with its low quality or in case of accidents at work and so on. Spontaneous overflow of diesel fuel is strictly prohibited by law and may have serious consequences.

Diesel fuel is a liquid product resulting from the distillation of petroleum (along with fuel oil and other components). It is used as fuel in diesel internal combustion engines.

Is diesel fuel dangerous?

Waste diesel fuel toxic and radioactive components, and therefore it is important to properly dispose of diesel fuel in order not to harm either themselves or the environment.

The mercaptans that are part of DT are strong nerve poisons, have a stimulating effect, a narcotic effect. Depending on the concentration, they cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, the appearance in the urine of blood, protein, and the appearance of convulsions.

In addition, the composition of diesel fuel contains aldehydes, sulfur dioxide, metal compounds, carbon monoxide and other components hazardous to health and the environment.

What diesel fuel is recyclable?

The processing of diesel fuel is required in the following cases:

  • accidents at the enterprise;
  • fuel pollution;
  • poor quality of diesel fuel;
  • the presence of various impurities in the fuel (oil, kerosene, etc.);
  • improper storage of fuel.

Diesel Fuel Disposal Methods

The processing of diesel fuel is carried out in several stages:

  1. Oily waste is pumped into a sealed container, in which they are transported to the place of processing.
  2. Actually processing diesel fuel selected method.
  3. Cleaning the area (water, ground) from the spilled product (if necessary).

There are several ways to process diesel fuel:

  • mechanical - fuel is mixed, after which it is divided into water and solid residues, from which oil is separated;
  • thermal - fuel is completely destroyed with the help of a special electric field;
  • biological - special microorganisms are used that contribute to the decomposition of fuel into water and carbon dioxide;
  • full processing - provides for the extraction of diesel fractions, marketable oil, coke and fuel for furnace heating from diesel fuel to be disposed of.

What are the consequences of spontaneous emission of diesel fuel?

If you do not recycle diesel waste, spontaneously throw them in water, the sea or dispose of it incorrectly, the consequences may be global. It's not just about breaking the law and imposing fines. The composition of diesel fuel contains sulfur compounds, mercaptans (analogs of alcohols, where sulfur atoms are present instead of oxygen). Their release into the environment can destroy the ecology on the ground, make it uninhabitable, and also cause significant harm to the health of people living in the area.

In order to avoid such unpleasant consequences, trust the processing of diesel fuel to professionals. The LLC UtilVtorProm company offers services in transportation and utilization of all types of waste. All work is performed in compliance with the established norms and safety rules. Professional equipment is used to pump the fuel out of the tanks, which allows cleaning the container from the fuel to be disposed of in accordance with the established standards. Call to learn more and use the service. For loyal customers there is a loyalty program.

We guarantee fast and high-quality waste disposal at affordable prices.
Order recycling by calling the company or filling out the online form mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com . Our managers will give detailed consultations, draw up an agreement and send documents for consideration.

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