Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Recycling Fus

Self-disposal of fus, made with errors, can lead to irreversible consequences. The optimal method of processing coal tar and coal-coke particles to this day has not yet been invented. Therefore, you should trust the disposal of fusi only specialists.

Difficulty processing fusov

Coke-chemical enterprises are constantly being filled with coal fusions, coke breeze and dust. This waste is highly hazardous and difficult to recycle. The reasons for this are:

  • it is very difficult to convert a sticky plastic mass into a solid one, since it requires a significant amount of resources and time;
  • if you do not maintain the correct temperature regime, the fusi will solidify in the form of brittle metal;
  • when dissolved, the components of the dust shale are separated and it is difficult to transfer them into practical implementation.

What does recycling fus

Gasification of fuel is the conversion of hundreds of thousands of tons of tar, coke-ash solid waste and tar fusas. By utilizing the fuses, you can achieve:

  • their partial return to gas generators - this will provide additional processing in conjunction with the source material;
  • reduce environmental pollution;
  • production of tar, which can be used as a binder in the construction industry, etc.

The bulk of the fus has no reuse, it is sent to the dumps.

What are the dangers of fus

High content in the water and air of hazardous chemical compounds can lead to the development of epidemics and natural disasters. The disposal of fusi and other wastes is important for the ecology of any society.

To protect people's health, UtilVtorProm specialists carry out the processing of hazardous garbage in compliance with all necessary rules and regulations. Works are carried out at enterprises that have the necessary equipment and permission to use it.

Illegal burial of fusi and other chemical waste punishable by fine. Officials who allow this can be brought to administrative responsibility. The law also prohibits incineration of chemical debris and may stop the operation of an enterprise on the 3 month.

How is the disposal of fusi

The processing of fusov involves:

  • waste disposal in special containers;
  • carrying out rectification (purification) of sewage;
  • processing waste materials in several stages;
  • storage of waste in a specially designated area;
  • the disposal of the mass, which can not be recycled or its economically unprofitable.

The whole range of services for the disposal of fusions and other chemical wastes in Ukraine can be ordered from UtilVtorProm. We transport and recycle waste of any complexity, without resorting to intermediaries. Own production facilities allow the company to solve problems in a timely manner to protect the environment. We have loyal prices, bonuses, discounts and 100% quality guarantee!

To make an order or get expert advice you can call the contact center of the regional branch of the company "UtilVtorProm" and ask your questions or contact us by mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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