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Utilization and processing of hexane

Hexane — it is a flammable substance. Refers to aliphatic hydrocarbons, explosive substances. The handling of hexane requires extreme care and safety. It is possible to use hexane in closed rooms only if fire safety standards are observed and fire extinguishing agents are available.

Hexane is used to extract edible oils from seeds and vegetables (e.g. sunflower, soybeans, peanuts, corn), as a special purpose solvent, and as a cleaning agent.

Hexane reserves

It is forbidden to smoke, use open flames, and use electrical equipment that can potentially cause sparks in the room where hexane is stored.

It is imperative that you follow these safety precautions when storing hexane:

  • Hexane should only be stored in rooms with an air temperature of no higher than 16°C. Avoid rising air temperature. If necessary, it is necessary to cool the hexane tanks with carbon dioxide, special foam or powder, in extreme cases with plain water.
  • It is necessary to provide personal respiratory protection equipment that must be used if unforeseen situations arise. They should be located directly near the entrance to the premises where hexane is located.
  • Hexane should only be handled by highly qualified workers with the necessary skills.
  • Be sure to use hexane analyzers to detect leaks in a timely manner, as hexane vapors are odorless and pose a potential threat to human health and life.

How dangerous is hexane?

In its pure form, hexane does not explode. However, evaporation and mixing of hexane vapor with atmospheric air, even in low concentrations (up to 8% of hexane vapor in air), the mixture becomes very explosive. For this reason, it is unacceptable to use hexane with compressed air in technological processes.

Is it possible to get poisoned by hexane

Hexane is extremely dangerous. Working with him requires caution and care. Hexane analyzers should always be used to detect vapors early in the event of a leak, as the substance is virtually odorless.

First symptoms of hexane inhalation:

  • malaise, loss of strength, lethargy
  • nausea, vertigo, temporal pain
  • difficulty breathing, fainting

Important! In the event of symptoms of intoxication, it is necessary to immediately organize the evacuation of all employees from the contaminated area. If necessary, call an ambulance, before the arrival of which provide fresh air for the victims.

Hexane utilization

It is very important to prevent hexane from entering the sewer. Because it poisons groundwater and infects the air, which inevitably leads to an environmental disaster.

Hexane, like other solvents that can be recovered (regenerated), should be disposed of at specialized enterprises that regenerate hexane. This method of processing hexane can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing hexane, since up to 90% of spent hexane can be reused.

As a rule, hexane is processed in the following ways:

  • Membrane separation technology
  • Adsorption in several steps
  • Distillation

Each method has both advantages and disadvantages. The membrane method is quite effective, since it is possible to qualitatively filter hexane from impurities. It can be used alone or in combination with other methods. You can also use an adsorption column with activated carbon. This method allows you to recover up to 94% of hexane. The most environmentally friendly and, not least, the most economical method is still distillation. First, the waste material is evacuated, which lowers the boiling point, and also saves energy for heating it. It is important to consider the degree of contamination of hexane in order to optimally select the temperature and vacuum for an optimal distillation process.

UtilVtorProm has many years of experience in handling hazardous waste of various hazard classes. We have all permits, we have licenses for the disposal and transportation of hazardous waste. This allows the disposal of hexane and similar hazardous substances.

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Utilization and processing of hexane in Ukraine


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