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Brick Recycling

Most of the buildings to be dismantled, built of brick. Like any other construction waste, it can not be thrown into the trash. For violation of the law, all enterprises, officials and individuals are subject to fines. According to the rules, the removal of construction waste must be carried out directly by those who produced them. Recycling bricks makes it possible not to overwhelm the landfills, but to reuse the waste.

The benefits of recycling bricks

Recycling bricks ensures maximum utilization of it again, saves time and money. As well as the timely clearing of the construction site from unnecessary garbage allows you to free up territory for the storage of new materials.

Brick crushing

During the demolition of buildings, the destruction of walls and partitions an independent unit is formed - the battle (scrap) of a brick. This building materialIn addition to brick chips, it includes concrete, cement, etc. For their crushing, special machines were created - jaw crushers. They effectively crush even the hardest materials, turning a brick fight into a homogeneous bulk.

Scrap brick can be used for:

  • backfilling pits on the roads (during road repairs);
  • compaction of the road section that is heavily flooded;
  • construction of a temporary road or footpath;
  • raising the level of land intended for construction;
  • creation of drainage on the garden plot, etc.

Despite all its advantages, crushed brick will not replace rubble, because asphalt on such a basis will be short-lived.

Categories of scrap bricks

From the many varieties of bricks you can get the following scrap:

  • Ceramic. Differs in frost resistance and high density. The fight is demanding on the quality of the masonry mortar.
  • Refractory. It turns out from a quartz brick, shamotny, carbonaceous and magnesian. It is characterized by a low moisture absorption capacity and high refractory properties.
  • Finishing. Cheap, but in low demand.
  • Silicate. It implies the crushing of white bricks. It has low water resistance, which limits its scope.

A brick battle, according to the size of the stones obtained, is divided into the following fractions:

  • large - from 40 to 100 mm;
  • medium - 20 ... 40 mm;
  • small - ≤ 20 mm.

Separation into fractions occurs using special sieves. Before use, the material is thoroughly cleaned from debris and other unnecessary inclusions.

Recycling bricks - profitable and without hassle

Carefully separating the brickwork from the putty is extremely difficult. Over the years, materials firmly “grow together” and it is almost impossible to break them without damaging a brick. Therefore, it is better to trust such a task to specialists.

Specialists of the UtilVtorProm company individually approach each client. Solving any environmental issues in the field of waste management, the company offers price flexibility and loyalty. Keeping the environment clean, we always promptly resolve issues of disposal. Call or order the recycling of bricks, and our experts will take full responsibility for further waste management.

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