Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Utilization of paintwork materials

Improper or inadequate disposal of paint and varnish materials can have irreversible consequences. Paint and varnish waste is a very dangerous material for all living things, toxic and combustible. Disposal of this type of waste should be carried out exclusively by experts in compliance with all safety rules.

The process of recycling paints

Competent processing of paintwork materials maintains the normal state of the ecological environment. Therefore, it is very important to do everything in order.

  1. Collect waste paint and varnish materials.
  2. Remove them from the object.
  3. Sort by.
  4. Dispose of paintwork materials.

Having completed all the work, the company UtilVtorProm provides the customer with the entire set of reporting documents - environmental and financial. If there is such a need, the specialists will make additional analysis of the recycled materials.

Methods of recycling paintwork materials

Disposal of paints and varnishes is done in five ways, which is determined depending on their type.

  • Recuperation Recycling of solvents is highlighted in a separate form. The most commonly used method of recovery, based on adsorption. In simple terms, this is when the concentration of another on the surface of one substance increases. In the role of adsorbents - silica gel and activated carbon.
  • Burning in furnaces. Waste generated by the use of paints and varnishes is first thoroughly investigated. Then the desired temperature is selected. However, not all waste of paints and varnishes can be recycled by this method at 100%.
  • Burial It is done exclusively in the territories specifically designed for this. It is important that the disposal does not pollute the atmosphere. The downside of this method is the hassle with permits and the likelihood of re-opening the waste.
  • Disposal of paintwork materials in a plasma reactor. Equipment - two reaction chambers and special baths. Everything is built on a boiling metal. Waste is poured on it. The scrubber system immediately absorbs the generated gas. In the future, it is used as fuel. This is a big plus of this method of disposal.
  • Regeneration. At the first stage, the paint is partially dissolved in the mixer together with the solvent (approximately 5 hours). The mixture then passes through a filter screen to get rid of large pieces. This process is repeated twice, only the second time the grid cell is already an order of magnitude smaller. Next is used nanosol and solvent. With their help, the desired consistency is achieved and the paint is packaged. The disadvantage is that this method of processing does not give in to paint with oils.

Utilization of paintwork materials: basic rules

In order not to harm yourself and others, you need to remember the simple but very important points:

  • Empty paint cans and other paint waste should be transported to waste sorting stations.
  • Do not take waste to landfills. Snow and rain drive them deep into the ground. It threatens to pollute rivers and groundwater.
  • If less than three centimeters of paint is left in the jar, it should be dried using paper scraps or filler for animal toilets. After that, the banks can be thrown into a regular trash can.

The company "UtilVtorProm" utilizes the remaining coatings. Call us or press the green button. Specialists of the company will take full responsibility for the further processing of waste on themselves.

The managers of UtilVtorProm are ready to develop an individual work plan for you and offer loyal prices.
For more information, please call or mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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