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Latex disposal

Latex is a material consisting of natural rubber tree sap and chemical components. Thanks to its special qualities and properties, its products are widely used in industrial enterprises, in medicine and in everyday life. Utilization of latex is a complex process with the addition of various chemical reagents. For products made from this material, depending on its composition and scope of use, different methods of disposal are used.

Why latex needs to be disposed of

Latex products are an extensive range of products widely used in medicine, industry and everyday life. If we consider the areas of application of latex products, they can be divided into three groups:

  1. Medical devices. Most widely products from this material are used in medicine and related areas. Gloves, systems for droppers, catheters, patches, elastic bandages are only a part of products made of synthetic or rubber latex used in medical practice.
  2. Industry and building materials. Latex gloves are widely used in chemical industries, in laboratories. From synthetic and mixed latex produce linoleum, mattresses, pillows.
  3. Household items. In everyday life, latex products are used in the form of pillows, mattresses, barrier contraceptives and clothing items.

Domestic use of latex products is the least dangerous for the environment. However, it is better to hand over worn-out pillows and mattresses for recycling, and not to throw them in a landfill. Latex products used in the chemical industry and medicine can do much more harm. Daily laboratories, hospitals and private centers use a huge amount of latex gloves. In addition to the fact that these products can be stored for decades in landfills, they pose a threat to human health if they are not sanitized and destroyed. This is especially true of gloves used by healthcare professionals.

Disposal of medical latex has a number of stringent requirements:

  • store used gloves droppers and catheters can be limited time in a special box with a disinfectant solution;
  • transportation of used medical latex products is carried out in closed containers with the observance of precautionary measures;
  • gloves used in hospitals, laboratories and chemical plants must be cleaned and sterilized before being destroyed;
  • Utilization of latex and its processing can only be carried out by certified organizations.

Features of the process of recycling latex

Depending on the purpose and nature of the use of latex products, two types of utilization are possible - destruction and recycling into secondary raw materials. Acceptance of latex is carried out at the customer’s premises, hermetically closed boxes are used for transportation. The processing procedure begins with the cleaning and disinfection in several stages.

Latex products, used in medicine and chemical purposes, after cleaning from chemicals, reagents and infectious pathogens are destroyed in special closed furnaces. The remains of the burned material are placed in special burials.

Natural latex to be processed is subjected to a regeneration procedure using a special rubber mixer machine and thermochemical processing. In the future, the resulting mass can be used as a material for rubber products.

Specialists "UtilVtorProm" offer services for the disposal of waste 1-4 hazard class. We leave on the territory of the client to draw up a contract and receive used materials. We make all stages of disposal from transportation to disposal or delivery of recyclable materials. All waste is certified. Documents are transferred to the customer in any form convenient for him. Prices for services are set on an individual basis depending on the type and volume of waste, the method of processing and further actions. If you have any questions or need advice, please call or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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