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Polyethylene recycling

Recycling of polyethylene is an actual problem for many enterprises. Polyethylene - waste, which is formed not only from all the usual packages. Containers, a wrap film, packing of manufactured goods and many other things are made of this polymer.

Why do you need to recycle polyethylene waste

The main disadvantage of this synthetic material is that the decomposition of polyethylene lasts up to 1000 years. PVC trash easily spreads from landfills by wind, falls into reservoirs. As a result of the ejection of PVC bags, they can clog drainage systems, causing general pollution of cities and uninhabited areas. The results of research have shown that polyethylene garbage occupies almost a quarter of the ocean surface. In addition, its production consumes more than 4% of all oil produced in the world. Therefore, waste polyethylene film and products from it need special methods of disposal and recycling.

How is recycling of polyethylene

The optimal solution is the recycling of polyethylene. This is beneficial from an economic point of view - no need to spend oil on the production of PVC.

From recycled polyethylene today produce:

  • container for food storage;
  • various films;
  • sewer pipes;
  • cans;
  • packing nets;
  • car dashboards;
  • garden and decorative parts;
  • boxes for storage and transportation of manufactured goods.

The processing process consists of the following steps:

  • Sort by composition, size, color and other parameters. Sorting is done manually or on special equipment.
  • Cleaning in friction washers and drying.
  • Grinding on shredders or crushers (depending on density and structure).
  • Final cleaning of sand, metals, stones and other foreign matter.
  • Recycling of polyethylene into granules.

Used polyethylene does not change its composition and quality. Therefore, the process of its processing takes place with a minimum of stages. The final product of processing has the same properties as the primary product.

If the structure of polyethylene during operation is still severely damaged, it is used in the manufacture of solid materials. To do this, it is mixed with other components.

Utilization of polyethylene in the company "UtilVtorProm"

Our company is engaged in recycling and processing of polyethylene waste in all major cities and regions of Ukraine. We are certified and certified to work with all types of waste of any hazard class.

We will help you quickly solve the problem of recycling plastic waste and saving money. We work under the official contract and we guarantee performance of works in target dates. Specialists of "UtilVtorProm" will take out polyethylene film waste from your territory and compile all accounting documentation.

Submit a recycling request by clicking on the link “order waste collection” and fill out a simple form. Our staff will develop a contract and send for your consideration.

For fast communication mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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