Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Disposal of chemicals

Recycling chemicals is the process of destroying or processing hazardous chemicals without harming people and the environment. Chemical reagents are substances and mixtures that are formed or used during different stages of technological production. Disposal of their residues, which are not used in the future is not possible. The list of such reagents includes: acids, alkalis, solvents, electrolytes, oils, pesticides, medicines, disinfection solutions, varnishes, electroplating sludge.

Disposal of chemical reagents - an integral part of the operation:

  • electrochemical enterprises;
  • metallurgical plants;
  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories;
  • petrochemical industries;
  • rubber and elastomer factories;
  • medical institutions;
  • enterprises producing household chemicals.

What is the danger of non-utilized chemicals

Reagents have varying degrees of danger to humans and the environment.

  1. The most dangerous are substances of hazard class I: mercury, potassium cyanide, nicotine. For a fatal outcome, 1 grams of the substance that has come into contact with the skin are sufficient.
  2. Class II - highly hazardous reagents: lead and compounds containing it, lithium, arsenic, chloroform. Immediate contact with human skin causes irreversible health effects.
  3. Class III - compounds with a moderate level of danger and individual substances: aluminum acid, automotive fuel, manganese. If it enters the stomach and respiratory tract, it causes severe poisoning.
  4. Low-hazard class IV substances do not pose a serious threat to health, but they adversely affect the state of the environment.

What happens if the waste is not disposed of?

Chemicals disposed of according to the rules release toxic substances into the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. Together with water, air and fruits grown on the ground, they enter the human body. This leads to the development of deadly diseases, mutations, the birth of sick children, infertility and other problems. Plastic waste decomposes in the ground 50 years, releasing toxic substances.

How to properly dispose of chemical waste

There are several effective disposal methods that apply depending on the nature and type of chemical. Application of these methods is possible only at specialized certified enterprises. In the process of processing it is possible to get recycled materials and manufacture various products.

Methods of processing and disposal of chemical reagents.

  • Neutralization of toxic substances by reaction with other chemicals (chlorination, oxidation, alkaline hydrolysis, etc.).
  • Alcoholysis - heat treatment of waste with gas purification.
  • Burning with the neutralization of toxic substances and the receipt of thermal and electrical energy.
  • Distillation to separate liquid reagents, which ultimately take the original state. After distillation they can be reused.
  • Grinding and remelting of polymers and rubber for the production of containers, toys and other things.

Utilization of chemical reagents in the company "UtilVtorProm"

The company has all the necessary certificates, licenses and certificates for working with chemical waste of all hazard classes.

What do we offer:

  • solution of the problem of recycling reagents in a short time;
  • financial savings due to the absence of intermediaries;
  • guarantee of performance of works in time according to the contract;
  • related services (loading / unloading, delivery, preparation of documents).

Call or write today, contact details mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Our managers will give detailed consultations, draw up an agreement and send documents for consideration.

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