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Battery Disposal

Batteries are reliable and inexpensive power sources, which today are used in almost all walks of life: remote controls, electronics, household appliances, toys, various gadgets. But since batteries are a chemical power source (that is, electricity is generated through chemical reactions), this necessitates proper battery disposal.

Why not throw away batteries?

There are different types of batteries: saline, alkaline, lithium, cadmium, mercury other. They all contain hazardous chemicals and substances (acid, alkalis, heavy metals, etc.). These elements can cause serious damage to the environment: one battery can contaminate up to 10 square meters. m. square.

With the destruction of the outer shell of the power source, toxic substances from it enter the soil, and from there they penetrate into the groundwater. Compounds of heavy metals and other harmful elements accumulate in the tissues of plants and animals. Once in the human body, these poisons can cause serious disorders:

  • brain pathologies and neurological diseases;
  • tumors and cancers;
  • kidney and urinary system diseases;
  • damage to the mucous membranes and respiratory organs;
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and diseases of the digestive system.

Although this fact is not unambiguously indicative, statistics show that since the beginning of the mass use of lithium batteries, the number of cancers in the world has almost doubled. Most likely, toxic elements from spent power sources only partially affected the situation. But still, contacting organizations that receive batteries for recycling is now becoming a good way to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

How are batteries disposed of?

The difficulty of recycling out of order nutritional elements that they cannot be burned, since in this case part of the hazardous metals can still enter the soil, and the air (in addition to carbon dioxide) releases a mass of volatile toxins that are formed during the combustion of electrolyte and other elements.

Proper disposal of batteries is carried out in several stages:

  • Sort waste power sources by type and size (for ease of further processing).
  • Primary processing - grinding power sources for the convenience of the selection of individual elements.
  • Iron (steel) separation using a strong electromagnet. If necessary, the process of crushing and extraction of the magnetic metal is performed several times.
  • Neutralization electrolyte and other active reagents which are contained in the remains of food sources.
  • Separation of elements by chemical methods, recovery of manganese, zinc salts, the release of graphite.
  • Packing of the elements received from batteries and sending them to the enterprises for a reuse.

The process of neutralization and processing takes a long time, it has its own characteristics depending on the type of power sources. Despite the fact that many organizations are now accepting batteries for recycling, only some specialized companies are directly involved in recycling.

Where are the batteries taken for recycling?

To hand over the spent batteries today can be in supermarkets and shopping centers, electronics stores and accessories. In large cities, containers for receiving batteries for recycling are installed in other pass-through places. You can also contact directly the company UtilVtorProm, whose specialists are engaged in the disposal of power sources.

We accept batteries for recycling from individuals and organizations, work with any types of power sources, dispose of them in accordance with technical norms and safety rules. For more information and to use the services of the company, please contact us by phone or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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