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Battery Disposal

Virtually every modern I / O device has a battery. Due to the stock of electrolyte, the user can continuously receive information in a continuous flow of work. Daily hours-long operation of gadgets, working on batteries, leads to a gradual depletion of their resources, so the time comes when the owner needs to solve the issue of replacing the component. Disposal of batteries - a responsible event to get rid of obsolete consumables.

Recycling batteries

Batteries in modern peripheral and mobile Devices are of several types. It:

  • nickel metal hydride;
  • nickel cadmium;
  • lithium ion;
  • lithium polymer.

Every year, batteries are becoming more sophisticated. Leading manufacturers are trying to increase their capacity, reduce weight, size, minimize the disadvantages.

The following categories of customers apply to battery disposal services:

  • mobile device manufacturers;
  • service centers for the repair of small household and computer equipment;
  • manufacturing enterprises;
  • legal and private individuals.

A lost battery should be disposed of immediately.

Disposal rules and hazard rating of batteries

Batteries that are unsuitable for further use must be disposed of in the laboratory. The battery case has a long disintegration period, and the internal contents are highly dangerous for the environment, as the spent electrolyte seeping out is toxic.

Appearing on natural waste dumps of household waste, the batteries undergo a chemical reaction with elements of the environment under the influence of temperature difference, ultraviolet rays, precipitation, soil compounds.

The lithium batteries received for recycling first neutralize the electrolytic fluid. Even small fragments of electrolyte can cause great harm. Being on any surfaces of garments or interior, toxins fall on the mucous membranes, causing severe conditions of the respiratory, cardiac, and digestive systems.

Disposal of all parts of the battery occurs in stages. Plastic, metal and rubber fragments are isolated and sent to the smelter.

Small batteries can be taken to the UtilVtorProm office on their own. Specialists of the company will present a license to the client for the right to perform a complex of recycling works. Heavy and bulky batteries used to support the continuous operation of server installations, it is convenient to take out special transport companies.

Responsibility for failure to dispose of batteries

It is unacceptable to get rid of exhausted batteries by throwing them into landfills. It is necessary to take as a rule responsibly to the disposal of batteries for recycling.

Once outside the apparatus, the work of which they provide, the batteries go into a state of active contact with the environment, releasing toxic toxins. The following hazardous substances enter the soil, water and air:

  • lead;
  • sulphuric acid;
  • cadmium;
  • mercury;
  • lithium
  • copper.

Removal, transportation and disposal of batteries of various capacities are performed by engineers of UtilVtorProm. At the same time, experts strictly follow the rules for sorting fragments that are not recyclable. They are placed in shaft furnaces, where final destruction occurs at high temperatures and pressure.

Ignoring the proper disposal of batteries for various purposes, which have exhausted their resources, is assigned to those responsible for servicing equipment of public and private companies, as well as owners of devices.

Marking the manufacturer on the manufactured devices leaves the opportunity to find out by whom and when it was purchased. At large enterprises, an annual mandatory procedure for writing off non-working equipment is performed.

How to apply for disposal of batteries?

UtilVtorProm operates in strict accordance with the legal and regulatory framework, providing customers with a valid license, special transport and experienced staff.

The price list is provided by the manager of the UtilVtorProm company upon the disposal of batteries for recycling. Get more information and ask questions by contacting the company representative by phone. You can also send an application by email. utilvtorprom@gmail.comby specifying the type of battery.

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