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Aluminum Slag Recycling

By production of color and black metal alloys, and also products from them aluminum slag is formed. It is a mixture of aluminum, its oxides and alkali metal compounds. Storing aluminum slag is dangerous for the environment for a long time. This type of industrial waste belongs to the category of finely dispersed, which means easy penetration of toxic substances. At large concentrations there is a threat of air, surface and groundwater pollution.

In addition, the slag occupies a fairly large area, it has a negative impact on the soil and releases toxic substances. According to environmental standards and regulations of natural control enterprises need to take care of timely and regular disposal of aluminum waste.

For which industries is the recycling of aluminum slag relevant

Industrial waste, including aluminum slag, is formed during various processes for the production of metals and metalworking. Continuous processing of aluminum slag is required for such enterprises:

  • metallurgical foundries;
  • steel production;
  • enterprises producing alloys of non-ferrous metals;
  • factories for the production of pipe products;
  • non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises;
  • plants producing steel structures.

Utilization of aluminum slag, in addition to the release of useful production areas and compliance with environmental standards, allows enterprises to obtain useful secondary raw materials. Recycled aluminum waste is used as a raw material in the production of refractory materials, packaging products, aluminum foil, thin-walled parts. Aluminum sulphate obtained during processing is used in water purification processes for household use.

Features of the process of recycling aluminum slag

LLC UtilVtorProm specializes in the disposal and recycling of all types of industrial waste. The process of recycling aluminum slag begins with grinding and crushing in a disintegrator to the state of fine fraction with a grain size of 1-2 mm. (this method also applies to recycling paintwork materials) Next, a step-by-step cleaning of iron is carried out by magnetic separation, at the next stage, sand and quartz inclusions are removed.

As a result of processing, two compositions are obtained - secondary aluminum and low-magnetic fractions. Secondary aluminum raw materials are sent to be remelted into ingots and then to enterprises for further production. After a chemical treatment with sulfuric acid and filtration, weakly magnetic fractions are converted to aluminum sulfate, which is used as a coagulant in water treatment plants.

The advantages of recycling aluminum slag:

  • preservation of nature and the environment, improvement of the environmental situation by eliminating hazardous industrial waste;
  • phased processing reduces costs and accelerates payback;
  • economic benefit through the sale or use of secondary raw materials.

The company "UtilVtorProm" offers the processing of aluminum slag, provides transportation to all regions of Ukraine. A contract is drawn up with each client, we indicate the full list of services and terms. The organization makes the certification of waste and provides documents to the client in any convenient way.

If your company needs utilization and processing of industrial waste, please contact UtilVtorProm. If you have questions about the delivery, processing time, prices and terms of the contract call or write to the mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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