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Asphalt recycling

Asphalt utilization is the technology of processing asphalt material for the purpose of its further use. Waste from asphalt pavement, which remains after its repair, can be used as recyclable materials. After processing the asphalt get restored asphalt mixture containing sand, bitumen, crushed stone. This mixture is then used to repair roads, which allows significant savings.

Benefits of Asphalt Recycling

The main advantages of recycling old asphalt include:

  • Reducing the cost of work on the restoration of pavement. As for this, waste asphalt wastes processed into asphalt granulate are used.
  • The solution to environmental problems. Old asphalt does not need to be taken to landfills, where it will accumulate and litter vast territories.
  • Creating durable and reliable pavements.

The main product of the processing of old asphalt is asphalt granulate. It is used to create paths from paving slabs, to repair or erect roads, pedestrian sidewalks, driveways, bicycle paths. The use of asphalt granulate makes it possible to completely fill all voids in rubble. Due to the content in the mixture of bitumen and a certain temperature regime, bonding of rubble with asphalt granulate is achieved. This ensures the immobility and strength of the road surface.

How is asphalt utilization

Asphalt recycling in stages:

  • The process of processing asphalt begins with the removal of the old coating by breaking or milling.
  • After removing the old coating, the road surface becomes even, due to which the new layer will be uniform in density and thickness. The presence of small grooves on the road surface allows you to make the adhesion between the layers more robust.
  • When the pavement breaks, earthmoving and milling machines are used.
  • Old asphalt in pieces, if the breaking method was used, or crushed - when milling (as in rubber recycling) - supplied to the asphalt plant for storage. When milling in the cold way, such material does not cake. If hot milling was used, in order to prevent asphalt from caking, mineral powder or sand is added to it.

Asphalt recycling services

You can order the asphalt recycling service at UtilVtorProm. This service may be of interest to employees of road repair companies, public utilities enterprises, asphalt concrete plants, construction companies. We guarantee timely solution of the problem of utilization of old asphalt and its transportation in compliance with all current standards and requirements.

The advantage of our company is that we work without intermediaries - we perform all utilization work at our own production facilities. For regular customers we offer bonuses and discounts. For more information please contact - by mail. utilvtorprom@gmail.com or by phone.

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