Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Disposal and recycling of batteries

In the first series of hazardous waste were used power devices, so their utilization is the first task that should be solved for environmental protection. Disposal of batteries in the Ukraine It carried out with the use of equipment that can be expanded inner stuffing several useful components recycled.

Collection and disposal of batteries

Physico-chemical action is performed batteries specify spectrum chemical elements which serve to direct assignment as a power source. Comfortable shape and size allow you to use the batteries in various useful devices. Modification of their phone batteries and are avtoakkumulyatory. As a result of their widespread use battery and battery recycling not be suspended for general environmental background. If the battery is normally goes to landfill, it decomposes at a different level waste, poisoning the natural sphere neperabatyvaemymi metals. Toxic substances from the shell batteries fall into the layer of soil and underground water in poisoning of marine life and every living organism. In the case where the batteries with the rest of the waste start to burn, the allocated dioxins, penetrating the air and the rest of the natural environment, causing poor health and disease.

Disposal and recycling of batteries It does not require a lot of man - enough to collect all waste batteries and if possible to pass them in the collection points. Processing of special attention - recycling technology involves the separation of the battery and obtain further recycling. Under the influence of the magnet battery is divided into parts, separating the metal compounds into classes. Processes for the processing of this type are very dangerous, so they are the most mechanized.

Utilization of phone batteries It is of utmost importance in today's world, so to participate in the preservation of the world can each user. Get rid of the toxic stuff is not so difficult - Find the address of the nearest and get little encouragement. Environmental protection starts with each and it is not necessary for it to develop a cunning plan of action - recycling of lithium batteries with all the houses in general will be an important contribution to the preservation of natural resources. spent batteries resource is not expensive to send to a recycling center and thus to make a small contribution.

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