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Recycling treadmills

Modern people who lead an active lifestyle, have to deal with the problem of recycling treadmills. Today it is not considered a wonder to purchase an orbitrek or a treadmill for family classes at home.

Getting rid of a broken treadmill is not so easy on your own. It has a lot of weight and dimensions. It is unacceptable to send simulators to landfills of domestic waste. They are subject to professional disposal. Specialists "UtilVtorProm" perform the full range of services, receiving an application from the client. The company has all the necessary documents and licenses that confirm the right to carry out this type of activity.

Relevance of treadmill recycling services

A treadmill is a sports simulator that allows you to simulate a running track for practicing walking or jogging in a confined space. The estimated service life of this simulator is 5-7 years with a regular load for its intended purpose.

The treadmills contain a number of microcircuits and a number of elements dangerous for human health and the environment. During the operation of the device, they do not harm the body. But, being in contact with garbage, rainwater and direct sunlight, the parts of the simulator begin to decompose and produce hazardous substances into the environment.

Applications to the company for the disposal of treadmills can send the following categories of customers:

  • manufacturers of large-size simulators;
  • service centers for the repair of simulators;
  • sports facilities;
  • private companies of any profile;
  • educational establishments;
  • private individuals.

Treadmills that cannot be repaired, like other household appliances: microwaves, water heaters, air conditioners - must be disposed of properly.

Terms of transportation and disposal of treadmills

Removal of treadmills depends on the characteristics of an unusable or outdated simulator:

  • weights;
  • dimensions;
  • presence of microchips and electronic sensors in the device;
  • availability of plastic, rubber, glass parts.

Disassembly of large simulators for parts is made directly at their location. During the initial installation of the device, it is brought into the home in a disassembled form and then carried out installation. Then fragments of the device are immersed in the vehicles of the company of the corresponding carrying capacity and transported to recycling activities. Treadmills are disposed of in several steps. Spare parts that pose a threat to the environment, experts send for recycling or final destruction.

Metal parts of the treadmills are sent to the smelter. Parts that are not recyclable are destroyed in special furnaces at high temperatures and atmospheric pressure until complete decomposition.

Responsibility for the refusal to dispose of unsuitable for further operation of racetracks falls on the owners of sports clubs or individuals who owned the device. It is forbidden to dispose of large-sized simulators, throwing them into natural landfills or leaving them in residential areas.

When disposing of broken simulators in sports facilities, the information is recorded in a special journal on the accounting of equipment operation. It is controlled by the direct manager and representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological service.

When do you need treadmill recycling?

When the treadmills lose their functionality, and the financial costs of recovery exceed the cost of acquiring a new device of a similar purpose, it is decided to dispose of it.

The price list for comprehensive measures for the disposal of treadmills is presented by the manager of UtilVtorProm after receiving information about the device unsuitable for further operation.

Disabled treadmills can be delivered to the company's office on their own, but the massiveness of these devices should be taken into account. It is better to entrust transportation to the final disposal site by professionals.

Order transportation and subsequent disposal of the treadmill in the "UtilVtorProm" please call. You can also send a request by e-mail. utilvtorprom@gmail.comby specifying the model of the simulator.

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