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Disposal of cuttings and drilling waste

Disposal of drill cuttings is a mandatory process that must be performed by employees of specialized companies. Considering that such wastes belong to a high class of danger, their timely and correct processing allows reducing the level of negative environmental impact. An additional advantage of recycling is the ability to obtain building materials as a result of the recycling of such garbage.

Drill cuttings: what is it?

Drilling sludge is a liquid containing rock fragments and small particles of the tool used for oil production. The composition of such wastes may contain clay minerals, as well as a small amount of slurry entering the sludge pipes during the drilling process of the columns.

If the drill cuttings get into the natural environment, it can disrupt the balance of ecosystems. It contains the following potentially hazardous components:

  • petroleum hydrocarbons;
  • heavy metals;
  • components present in the composition of the drilling solutions.

Drilling waste belongs to the IV class of danger and is harmful to human health.

How to dispose?

The drilling waste disposal process can be performed only after it is disposed of. At the moment there are several procedures that allow to clear the drill cuttings:

  1. Physical way. Removal of toxic substances is carried out by flocculation and centrifugation. During these procedures, the process of separation of solid particles from the liquid. Then they are disposed of separately.
  2. Thermal method It involves the use of furnaces, heated to high temperatures. During combustion, a product is released that is subsequently used in the production of bitumen.
  3. Chemical method It assumes the addition of solvents to the cuttings, and then hardeners in the form of cement, clay, polyurethane, etc.
  4. Biological method. Based on the process of decomposition of waste through special microorganisms that process the mining as a result of life.
  5. Physico-chemical method. Waste is treated with chemicals that cause changes in their properties. In the future, the cuttings are disposed of using special installations.

After drilling waste is disposed of by one of the methods described above, they are sent for recycling or disposal. At the moment, a combination of several methods of disposal of drill cuttings.

Solidification has enjoyed great popularity in recent years. This recycling technology involves mixing the sludge with cement and sorbents. As a result, a completely safe product can be obtained, from which building materials are subsequently manufactured.

Competent processing of drill cuttings allows to obtain the following building materials:

  • cement mixes;
  • paving slabs;
  • border fencing;
  • cinder blocks, etc.

What happens if not disposed of?

Disposal of drill cuttings is a mandatory procedure. If drilling waste is not recycled, it can cause significant harm to the environment. Therefore, control organizations that charge violators with a fine monitor the disposal process.

Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" perform the disposal of drilling waste is not the first year. All phases of work are carried out in accordance with legal and environmental regulations. After the disposal is completed, the customer is issued reporting documentation.

Recycling stages

The process of disposal of drill cuttings involves the following steps:

  1. Waste is disposed of for recycling.
  2. The disposal procedure is carried out.
  3. Drilling sludge is recycled.
  4. Some components are used to make building materials, while others are to be disposed of.

Advantages of applying to “UtilVtorProm”

Works on the disposal of drill cuttings and drilling waste are carried out in the shortest possible time in compliance with all environmental and legal regulations. We conclude an agreement on the disposal of drill cuttings and drilling waste with enterprises of all forms of ownership. For budgetary organizations, a deferment of payment for the disposal of drill cuttings and drilling waste is provided.

Disposal of drilling sludge and drilling waste is carried out in the cities: Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhia, Kramatorsk, Krivoy Rog, Kropyvnytskyi, Kremenchug, Lviv, Lutsk, Lugansk, Mariupol, Odessa, Nikolaev, Poltava, Uzhhorod , Exactly, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnitsky, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy, as well as regions and regional / administrative centers of Ukraine.

The cost of disposal of drill cuttings and drilling waste directly depends on their location / storage (the transportation costs are calculated by the manager) and quantity (the larger the total quantity, the cheaper the cost).

After providing services for the disposal of drill cuttings and drilling waste, the customer is issued the following documents: a transfer and acceptance certificate with the date and amount of drill cuttings and drilling waste transferred for recycling; to which the corresponding permissive documents of our company are also attached: licenses, certificates, certificates, for enterprises of VAT payers an electronic tax invoice is registered in electronic form.

Order the service of disposal of drill cuttings and drilling waste, shale water, oil sludge And other waste oil and gas industry, you can ask all your questions by phone. You can also leave a request on the site, write an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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