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Recycling documents

The work of any company is somehow connected with the documents. They must be kept for a period of time. After this time has expired, the documents are disposed of. In order to do this correctly, it is advisable to seek assistance from specialized companies, which will allow you to avoid the leakage of confidential information and the destruction of the necessary papers.

Document recycling process

Before recycling, documents are first reviewed by a special commission that determines their value.

Recycling of documents is carried out in several ways:

  • shredder cutting;
  • burning;
  • comprehensive disposal by employees of relevant companies.

If the company is small, then you can dispose of the documents yourself by cutting (if the storage period has expired, and the documentation is not considered secret).

Larger organizations install shredders in offices that allow you to cut several sheets at a time. These machines come in several varieties:

  • flat cuts turn paper into strips;
  • crumblers - in crumbs, which is important for especially secret documents;
  • for paper with high density used industrial shredders.

Employees of recycling companies can carry out the burning of documents in accordance with all standards in special high-temperature furnaces. In this case, the paper is placed in sealed containers, and the contract is concluded with the customer. After the documents are transferred to the place of disposal, perform incineration. When the destruction of documents carried out, the customer is issued a statement of work performed. This method is guaranteed to save you from information leakage.

Comprehensive disposal of documents implies the destruction of a shredder first, and then (to avoid the risk of recovering secret documents) - pressing. After such actions, raw materials can be recycled and reused.

Why do I need to recycle documents on time?

In addition to the space occupied in the archive, there is a more substantial reason for which disposal is necessary. This refers to secret documents, the disclosure of information from which may entail financial losses for the company due to the disclosure of trade secrets.

Timely recycling of documents will help:

  • save time and place;
  • correctly organize the accounting of necessary cases;
  • convenient to use the right papers;
  • protect confidential company information.

To order services for the disposal of documents of any kind, contact the specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm." We will perform fast and high-quality processing of waste paper.

Advantages of applying to “UtilVtorProm”

Work on the disposal of documents is carried out as soon as possible in compliance with all environmental and legal regulations. We conclude an agreement on the disposal of documents with enterprises of all forms of ownership. For budgetary organizations there is a deferment of payment for the disposal of documents.

Utilization of documents is carried out in the cities: Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhia, Kramatorsk, Krivoy Rog, Kropivnitsky, Kremenchug, Lviv, Lutsk, Lugansk, Mariupol, Odessa, Nikolaev, Poltava, Uzhgorod, Rovno, Sumy , Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnitsky, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy, as well as regions and regional / administrative centers of Ukraine.

The cost of recycling documents directly depends on their location / storage (the manager calculates the cost of transportation) and the quantity (the larger the total quantity, the cheaper the cost).

After the provision of services for the disposal of documents to the customer, the following documents are issued: an act of acceptance and transfer of waste with the date and number of documents transferred for disposal, an accounting act of work performed / services rendered for the disposal of documents, to which the relevant authorization documents of our company are also attached: licenses, certificates , certificates, for enterprises of VAT payers in electronic form is registered tax invoice.

Order the service of recycling documents, glue, cardboard, mirrors And other waste, you can ask all your questions by phone. You can also leave a request on the site, write an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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