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Electrolyte disposal

Electrolyte disposal is a complex process that only professionals do. Improper electrolyte recycling can have serious environmental consequences. It should be noted that for disposal of any type of waste should be addressed only to specialized firms that have the necessary permits.

What is electrolyte?

Electrolyte is a superionic battery filler consisting of sulfuric acid and vitriol oil. Electrolyte wastes can vary in the concentration and purity of highly toxic liquids. Under vitriol oil often refers to darker types of sulfuric acid, represented by its technical varieties (brown electrolyte). Electrolytes are used both in solid and in liquid state (in batteries, for cleaning and obtaining metals, for anodizing and nickel-plating processes).

What happens if you do not dispose of the electrolyte?

Most of the enterprises that work in developed countries are engaged in the processing of batteries filled with electrolyte. The introduction of industrial technologies and inventory for the disposal of electrolyte discharged from used batteries plays a significant role both for the economy and for the environment. The lack of these technologies can lead to the unorganized discharge of electrolyte into reservoirs, soils and sewage systems, which damages the ecosystem.

What danger to the environment is electrolyte?

All types of electrolyte are very dangerous, can cause irreparable consequences due to contact with them, because they consist of oxides, salts, acidspolymers and meadows. The recycling of electrolyte (a substance capable of conducting electric current) plays an important role, as it gives the opportunity to re-apply the recycled product as a raw material needed in certain industrial processes, as well as the recovery of sulfuric acid and its use in creating batteries.

How is electrolyte recycling performed?

There are two ways to dispose of sulfuric acid electrolyte. The first is neutralization with further discharge into drains. The second is recovery to produce sulfuric acid.

To obtain sulfuric acid from the electrolyte used, the following methods are used:

  • adsorption;
  • evaporation;
  • thermal splitting;
  • coagulation;
  • catalytic oxidation.

But the most common - fire method. This process takes place due to the influence of high temperatures, evaporation of the acid to the desired concentration, as a result of which a quality product is produced. The cost of such an acid is one-third lower than the cost of the primary production acid. Therefore, the use of recycled materials will make it possible to significantly reduce the amount of sulfuric acid used in the automotive industry, as well as to preserve the environment.

Specialists "UtilVtorProm" get used electrolyte and carry out the processing of acid environmentally friendly ways. The recycling process involves modern technologies that have been tested and approved by law. Transportation and disposal do not harm the environment. In cooperation, an act and an appropriate contract are drawn up, as a result of which electrolyte is taken. Contact UtilVtorProm representatives to order disposal of any industrial waste can call or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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