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Battery Disposal

Batteries are actively used for various devices:

  • children's toys, wall and board games;
  • remotes from audio, video and other equipment with remote control;
  • hours;
  • cameras, camcorders;
  • mobile phones and other office equipment ;
  • cars (car batteries; these are also batteries), etc.

If you take any battery or battery and carefully examine them, you can see the crossed-out cross pattern of the container. This means that such devices should never be thrown away. Utilization of batteries will protect the environment and the entire ecosystem from pollution. Even one single discarded battery is capable of poisoning the area it has hit (water, earth).

Why are batteries dangerous?

Several tons of batteries are used daily in major cities. Moreover, some of them after working off are sent to a landfill, since many people do not know how one battery can harm, what is its danger.

In the composition of each battery, toxic chemicals and metals are mandatory. It is from them that the batteries consist. Once in landfills and open landfills, such devices are exposed to external factors, such as precipitation, humidity, solar radiation, as well as mechanical stress. All this leads to the destruction of the protective case of the device, the batteries begin to produce pairs of heavy metals and chemical elements, poisoning everything around. It could be:

  • Zinc. In large quantities, it causes pulmonary edema, serious disturbances in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Mercury. As a result, severe injuries of all organs and systems, dementia, death are possible.
  • Lead. In case of poisoning, the liver, kidneys, bone tissue, brain (primarily dangerous for children) are primarily affected.
  • Cobalt. It can provoke an increase in thyroid gland, heart failure, as well as various dermatitis and skin rashes.

In addition to poisoning people, toxic substances released by nutrients can spoil air, soil, water. So, in case of poisoning the earth with nickel, cadmium, the crop grown on it can cause lung dysfunction, renal failure, skeleton deformation, malignant tumors in people.

Battery Disposal Guidelines

To protect the environment from mass pollution with toxic substances, batteries must be recycled. Safe disposal of batteries involves the following steps:

  • collection of recycled materials in special containers;
  • transportation of batteries to specialized disposal sites;
  • neutralization of toxic components (different methods can be used: electromagnetic, hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical and others);
  • crushing the remaining safe material by the crusher;
  • sending for recycling suitable components;
  • destruction of residues.

You can only order the recycling of batteries at specialized companies, as there must be an appropriate license for this.

What threatens violation of the rules for the disposal of batteries?

In many countries, a violation of the rules for disposing batteries is considered a violation of the law. Moreover, responsibility is borne by both individuals and companies. Imposing fines are punishable by the offender. Finding it is not difficult. If batteries are found among household garbage, such as food waste, the house administration is fined, whose employees will find and punish the offender.

You can order the disposal of batteries at UtilVtorProm. This will keep the environment clean and safe. All work is carried out by qualified specialists in compliance with the process. For more information and ordering the service, call the numbers or fill out the contact form on the website. You can also write to our employees by email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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