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Utilization of energy-saving lamps

Modern energy-saving lamps are very popular, as they are economical, have a pleasant color temperature and a longer service life compared to conventional lamps - up to 12 months. But after this time, just throw the light bulb in the trash along with the rest of the waste can not. Due to the presence of mercury compounds, energy-saving lamps must be disposed of in compliance with a number of requirements.

What is the danger of unutilized energy-saving lamps?

Spent energy-saving lamps are extremely hazardous waste due to mercury content. A broken light bulb can cause hazardous toxic substances to leak into the environment, polluting the soil, groundwater and wastewater (thus getting into water), the atmosphere and the biosphere. If you inhale mercury vapors in high concentrations, the human body will gradually become poisoned, malfunctioning of various organs (kidneys, heart, lungs) and systems (respiratory, digestive and others) will begin. If the energy-saving light bulb breaks indoors, the concentration of mercury in the air will exceed all possible standards by at least 150 times, which can lead to serious toxicity.

Proper utilization of energy-saving lamps

After the expiration of the energy-saving lamps, they must be hermetically packaged and sent for recycling. All public organizations that use energy-saving lamps, must report on where and how these hazardous wastes are disposed of for disposal.

Only companies that have special permission for this technology, equipment and special equipment can deal with the disposal of energy-saving lamps.

There are several ways to recycle energy-saving lamps:

  1. Demercurization is a physico-chemical process for removing mercury and its compounds with sorbents. In this case, the light bulbs themselves are crushed in a special installation. Usually used for fluorescent, sodium and others.
  2. Reagent method - based on the method of demercurization, the procedure of neutralization of mercury vapor using binding chemical agents.
  3. Thermal vacuum method is the processing of energy-saving lamps, in which mercury vapors are collected in special "traps", where they are exposed to liquid nitrogen, and the resulting mercury is drained into a separate container.

Each of the methods is quite dangerous, requires careful and careful approach. It is strictly forbidden to perform self-disposal by any of these methods, because only one wrong action can lead to severe intoxication of a person (up to a lethal outcome).

Consequences of not using energy-saving lamps

Throwing energy-saving lamps without their proper disposal will lead to pollution of the ecological system of the entire planet. This action has legal implications. Track the transportation and calculate the company of the offender is not difficult. Due to the fact that energy-saving lamps belong to the class of extremely hazardous waste, throwing them out without recycling threatens the violator with not only an impressive fine, but also criminal liability.

You can order the removal and disposal of energy-saving lamps in the company UtilVtorProm. We work in strict accordance with the legal regulatory framework, we have all the necessary permits, special equipment, as well as qualified personnel. Call or write to the mail utilvtorprom@gmail.comto leave a request.

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