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Disposal filters

In everyday life, filters are used to cleanse gaseous, solid, liquid substances and various impurities. Depending on the purpose distinguish fuel, oil, air and industrial filters. The filter component has its own life, after which the toxic and toxic substances that are dangerous to humans and the environment accumulate in the filter. Filters that are clogged, humid and completely exhausted in their working life must be disposed of in accordance with established regulations. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" provide a full range of services for the disposal of filters of all kinds. Works on the processing and disposal of hazardous waste are carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with the requirements and standards of current legislation. We guarantee high-quality and prompt disposal of filters, regardless of the quantity and specificity of the waste.

How are filters recycled?

Before used filters are delivered for recycling, it is necessary to ensure their proper collection and storage. Waste should be stored in metal barrels or hermetic containers. In this case, the site or room in which the spent filters are located must be asphalted or have a concrete base. Improper storage of waste can lead to the release of toxic substances into the environment and cause harm to human health and nature.

The process of recycling waste filters consists of the following steps:

  • collecting filters;
  • transportation of waste to the place of further processing;
  • raw materials sorting by materials;
  • recycling using environmentally friendly methods;
  • drawing up a recycling report.

Most of the waste filters are recycled by recycling technology. industrial waste. Filters that are used in medical institutions, biomedical laboratories and industrial plants are particularly dangerous and susceptible to contamination. Therefore, they are disposed of as hazardous waste with special precautions.

Filter Recycling Methods

For the processing of waste devices using various methods. The most common among them is the method of thermal destruction. Since the filter component itself is considered a toxic element of the filter, oil filters can be disposed of using other technologies:

  • Extract individual parts from the filter that are incinerated or recovered for reuse. Only non-hazardous components are commissioned.
  • Mechanical crushing of filter elements into non-toxic and toxic components. Hazardous wastes are subject to magnetic separation and thermal processing.

The company "UtilVtorProm" has a special license and certificates for disposal of hazardous waste, which guarantees high-quality and efficient processing.

To order filter recycling, ash and slag, silica gel and other wastes, get answers to your questions, call the phones or send an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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