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Disposal of formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical compound, which is obtained by oxidation methanol and catalyst exposure at very high temperatures (around 600 degrees Celsius). In fact, it is a potent poison that belongs to the first class of danger. It is used in the manufacture of resins, building materials, drugs. Disposal of formaldehyde requires utmost attention and care, can only be performed by specialized companies with appropriate permission.

What is the danger of formaldehyde?

Once in the body, formaldehyde acts on it at the cellular level. Depending on the method of penetration of the toxin into the body (inhalation, oral, contact), the consequences may be different.

Systematic inhalation of formaldehyde vapors can lead to the development of kidney disease, pneumosclerosis, respiratory failure, as well as a mutation in the body's cells, which causes cancer.

If formaldehyde is accidentally swallowed, a person begins to develop renal failure, destruction of liver cells, necrosis of the lining of the stomach.

In contact with skin, formaldehyde causes itching, redness, and a number of dermatological diseases that become chronic (contact dermatitis, weeping eczema, urticaria, and others).

With prolonged contact with formaldehyde, the immune system is destroyed. The consequences of toxin poisoning for women are very serious - reproductive disorders that can be manifested by algomenorrhea, spontaneous abortions, miscarriage of the fetus, diseases of the cervix and appendages.

Worst of all, in many cases, people do not know that every day his body is poisoned by a dangerous substance. Non-compliance with the rules and norms of utilization of formaldehyde leads to its accumulation and spread through the air, open and closed areas.

Formaldehyde disposal rules

Spent formaldehyde is subject to mandatory disposal as a special hazardous waste. It is forbidden to simply pour the waste into the sink or in an open area.

Formaldehyde intended for utilization is collected in special containers with sealed lids. The recycling company ensures their safe transportation to landfills for destruction or special sites. Before you get rid of formaldehyde, toxin must be neutralized. The biological detoxification method is excellent for these purposes.

Punishment for the release of spent formaldehyde

Unauthorized release of formaldehyde is very dangerous for people, since the toxic substance has a very negative effect on living organisms. Toxin poisoning can not only harm health, but also lead to death. Track the company of the offender is not difficult. The penalty for failure to comply with the rules of formaldehyde disposal depends on the amount of damage, may be:

  • impressive fine (within the framework of administrative punishment);
  • criminal liability;
  • depriving the company of the right to carry out its activities.

To avoid such negative consequences, please contact UtilVtorProm. We provide services for the disposal of formaldehyde in compliance with all norms and safety rules, as well as within the framework of current legislation. Recycling of any raw materials includes it:

  • collection;
  • transportation;
  • storage;
  • disinfection;
  • destruction.

For details, call the numbers our manager an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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