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Disposal of formalin

Formalin is an aqueous solution of a toxic chemical compound - formaldehyde (40%). Substance is used mainly in medicine and industry (in very small doses found in cosmetics). If used improperly, formalin causes severe intoxication with immediate damage to the respiratory organs, mucous membranes and the central nervous system. Utilization of formalin involves the preliminary disinfection of the toxin. These services are provided by specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm".

What is the danger of formalin?

Formalin belongs to the second class of danger, since it contains two toxic substances at once. Inhalation of formalin fumes can lead to severe poisoning with subsequent serious complications, including:

  • swelling of the lungs, larynx, respiratory failure;
  • chronic kidney inflammation;
  • hormonal imbalance, sterility;
  • coma as a result of anuria.

Formalin poisoning is comparable to arsenic poisoning. If the victim does not provide timely assistance, it may be fatal. In some cases, with an increased concentration of formalin in the air, even with a quick response, it is not possible to save the patient.

How to dispose of formalin?

Spent formalin must be disposed of. This service can be provided only by specialized companies that have an appropriate license for it. The procedure for disposal of formalin is as follows:

  • collection of waste or expired substances in special sealed containers;
  • transportation to the place of temporary storage or landfill sites for disposal;
  • disinfection of toxic substances;
  • dumping of waste that no longer represents a danger to the environment, or their destruction with the help of special equipment.

For the disinfection of formalin in most cases used a biological method of detoxification.

Punishment for not taking formalin

Formalin refers to toxic substances that can not only harm human health, but also lead to death. Violation of environmental legislation entails not only the payment of administrative fines, but also criminal liability. Law firm may lose the right to engage in certain activities.

To order formalin disposal service, please contact UtilVtorProm. Our advantages:

  • We provide services under the current legislation. We have all the necessary permits, licenses for the disposal of formalin and other waste.
  • We own modern methods of recycling and recycling.
  • All work is performed by qualified personnel using professional machinery.
  • We provide a full range of works on disposal (from the collection and transportation of waste to their disinfection and destruction).
  • We provide official documentation on the results of the tasks performed.

For ordering services, pricing and terms of cooperation, please contact the company manager for contact numbers or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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