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Disposal of molding sand

The molding mixture is a composite material that is used for internal casting or exterior finishing in the casting of metal products by hand and machine. The composition of the mixture varies according to the type of destination (filler, lining, universal single mixture). The raw materials are refractory sands and clay. Depending on the technology, binder materials, nonstick coatings and lubricants, surfactants are added to them. Disposal of the molding mixture is a technological process for the neutralization of the mixtures used during casting from harmful toxic compounds, grinding and regenerating part of the components.

What is the disposal of the molding sand for?

At the metallurgical and foundry industries, spent molding sands are stored in separate areas, protected from direct sunlight. In most cases, this waste does not pose a serious danger to people, since their toxicity is low. But with long-term storage and large quantities of materials used, the likelihood of the release of harmful compounds into the air increases.

Spent molding sands pose a certain risk to the environment, as they contain an extensive range of toxic substances. Mixtures for different types of use include heavy metals, sulphates, chlorides, phenols, formaldehydes, inorganic acids and oxides. Under the influence of moisture and direct sunlight, toxic compounds can evaporate into the atmosphere and penetrate the soil.

As a rule, spent molding sand is bulky waste that releases a lot of bulk materials. This is due to the fact that during heating to a temperature in 600-800 degrees of clay turn into fine dust, and the binder components lose their properties.

Spent molding sand belongs to large-capacity waste. Therefore, they occupy quite large areas at enterprises, which could be used with advantage.

Features of recycling technology

Molding mixtures are delivered to the place of disposal by special covered trucks. The technology for processing and neutralizing used materials is determined by the composition of the components. Before disposal, the composition is studied by chemical analysis.

The composition of any molding sand mixture in contact with the hot metal includes its inclusions. Therefore, the first stage of disposal is the purification from metal residues.

The molding mixture is fed to a conveyor, above the belt of which a magnetic iron separator is installed. Passing along the tape, the mixture is cleaned of metal inclusions. At the next stage, the spent material is crushed in a special apparatus - it is divided into fractions of about 5 mm in size. With the help of a disintegrator and a precipitator, dust is mechanically cleaned. As a result of processing, safe waste (metal, burnt clay) and regenerated sand are obtained. The first are taken to a landfill or landfill. Regenerated sand can be used as a building material.

UtilVtorProm LLC provides a full range of waste processing services. After drawing up the contract, we ourselves will pick up waste from your territory. You will receive disposal documents in any convenient form - on paper or in electronic form. If you have any questions, please call. Our specialist will provide complete information on prices, terms and types of services.

If you are interested in the disposal of sand, please call or email address utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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