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Disposal of waste galvanic

Despite the emergence of environmentally friendly coating technology, galvanic production is still relevant. AT sludge contains a high concentration of toxins, so these substances belong to one of the most dangerous types industrial waste. To protect the environment and the population from the effects of solutions, they must be subjected to mandatory processing. The utilization of galvanic waste is a complex and multilevel process, which is carried out by certified employees of specialized enterprises. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" provide services for the storage, transportation and disposal of galvanic sludge using modern facilities, which ensures high-quality and safe waste processing.

The specifics and characteristics of the waste galvanic production

In the course of electroplating, complex electrochemical technologies are used (processing, coating, polishing with solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.). In the process of their use, gases, dust, vapors and other pickling substances are formed, which have a detrimental effect on the state of ecology and the human body (up to a lethal outcome).

The complexity of the storage and disposal of galvanic waste due to their diversity. The following groups of waste of this type are distinguished:

  • Electrolytes. This product is created using sulfuric, hydrochloric, acetic, nitric and other types of especially dangerous acids.
  • Galvanoslama. This is waste that is generated in the process of electrochemical technology and electrolytic copying of embossed originals.
  • Galvanic waste containing cyanide.

Each waste group uses its own recycling technologies. Competent disposal of galvanic sludge will neutralize toxic components and get useful materials for recycling.

Requirements and procedure for disposal of electroplating

Galvanostatic processing is carried out with the help of specialized equipment and special methods. Violation of the recycling technology can lead to leakage of hazardous substances, soil and water pollution, as well as the release of toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Utilization of electroplating electrolytes

The electrolytes of each group are of complex composition, which requires the use of different technologies for their processing. As a rule, pickling substances are disposed of in a special reactor. During the processing process, the neutralization of hazardous components and the formation of an insoluble metallic precipitate occur. The resulting precipitate can be used as recyclables in the manufacture of concrete products.

Cyan-containing waste recycling

Galvanoslama, which contain cyan, require special processing. Their disposal is carried out in the conditions of the enterprise in which they were used. Most often, chlorine-containing solutions are used to neutralize them. Waste that is generated during processing can be used in construction and in various industries. Cement blocks, concrete products, glass, ceramic tiles, asphalt, expanded clay, etc. are made of them.

Utilization of electroplating waste by UtilVtorProm specialists

UtilVtorProm customers can use the following services of our company:

  • storage of galvanic production wastes;
  • transportation of sludge;
  • processing hazardous waste in compliance with safety regulations;
  • production and sale of raw materials for reuse;
  • documentary support.

Order disposal of electroplating and other industrial wasteFor more information please call, as well as sending an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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Utilization of galvanic waste by specialists UtilVtorProm


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