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Disposal of gas stoves

Today, in almost all residential premises where natural gas is supplied, gas stoves are used to meet domestic needs. Due to the active use of these devices, owners often need to recycle the stove, which has already served its time.

Getting rid of a broken or obsolete gas stove alone is not so easy. It has an impressive weight and dimensions. It is unacceptable to leave gas stoves at landfills of domestic waste or within residential areas. The device is subject to professional disposal. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" at the request of the client are ready to perform the necessary measures for the export and processing of non-working household equipment. Services are performed on the basis of a license.

The relevance of plate recycling services

The gas stove is a domestic appliance that runs on natural gas mainly in residential premises. According to GOST, the life of the gas stove should not exceed 10-14 years with a regular load for its intended purpose.

Modern gas stoves may contain chips, thermal sensors, and elements that are quite dangerous to human health and the environment. During operation of the device, they do not harm the body. However, once outside the device, hazardous substances begin to be released into the environment. Garbage waste, rainwater, ultraviolet rays lead to rapid decomposition and additional chemical reactions of the elements of the nodes of gas stoves.

The following categories of customers may apply to companies engaged in the disposal of large household appliances:

  • manufacturers of large household appliances;
  • service centers for the repair of household appliances;
  • various institutions;
  • educational establishments;
  • food blocks in enterprises;
  • public dining rooms;
  • private individuals.

Gas stoves that cannot be restored after a breakdown and that have served their due time must be disposed of properly.

Conditions of transportation and disposal of plates

Dismantling and transportation of gas stoves with utilizers can be performed in several stages depending on the characteristics of the household appliance:

  • masses;
  • dimensions;
  • the presence of the device chips and temperature sensors;
  • the presence of plastic, rubber, glass fragments.

Disassembly of gas stoves into units is usually carried out on arrival of the device in the recycling workshop. Parts that may harm the environment are recycled or completely destroyed.

Metal, plastic and glass fragments slabs recycled. Parts that cannot be reused are destroyed in powerful furnaces at high temperatures and high pressure until complete decomposition.

Responsibility for ignoring the utilization of failed or depleted gas stoves rests with the owners of home appliances. It is forbidden to dispose of large household appliances, throwing it into garbage dumps or leaving it in residential settlements.

When disposing of end-of-life gas stoves in various institutions, information is recorded in a special journal for monitoring the operation of fire-hazardous equipment. It is conducted by direct management and is checked by representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological and fire services.

When will plate recycling be needed?

When the gas stove has lost its functionality, and the cost of the cost of repair services exceeds the cost of a new device, a decision is taken on disposal.

The price list for the list of utilization services is presented by the manager of UtilVtorProm to each client after receiving the application.

Unsuitable gas stoves can be brought for recycling to UtilVtorProm independently. However, it is necessary to take into account the considerable weight and dimensions of these devices. It is desirable to entrust dismantling, removal, loading and delivery to the final disposal site to specialists.

You can order the disposal of an old gas stove at UtilVtorProm by calling, as well as sending a request by e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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