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Disposal of thermometers

A mercury thermometer has no expiration date, but it is quite fragile: the device case can be damaged by the slightest impact, opening access to the room for mercury vapor. Emerging from a thermometer, a pair of liquid metal poisons everything and everyone around. Proper disposal of thermometers involves the collection and disposal of mercury. It is dangerous to do it yourself at home, so specialized companies should dispose of it. You can order disposal of thermometers at UtilVtorProm.

What are dangerous mercury thermometers?

The danger to human health and life is not the thermometer itself, but the mercury contained in it. When the glass case is damaged, the liquid metal flows out and “scatters” in small drops throughout the room, penetrates into the cracks, carpet surfaces, from where it can poison people for years.

In addition, a broken thermometer is of particular danger in homes where there are small children: liquid metal, bursting out, takes on the appearance of beautiful shiny balls that attract the attention of toddlers. Having swallowed such a ball, the child may refuse the lungs. Then mercury enters the bloodstream and quickly spread throughout the body. One by one, the organs (liver, kidneys) will begin to fail, the cardiovascular system and the brain will be affected. The risk of death is also high.

No less dangerous and mercury vapor. When they are inhaled, a person becomes intoxicated, which manifests as shortness of breath, general weakness, headache, diarrhea, high fever. In this case, urgently need medical assistance. If you miss a drop of liquid metal, you may experience chronic poisoning, the result of which is damage to the nervous system.

Terms of disposal of thermometers

Disposal of a broken thermometer begins with the need to collect all the spilled mercury. If the liquid metal does not flow out of the enclosure, the device is placed in an airtight container and sent for recycling.

At the first stage it is necessary to disinfect the waste. For this purpose, various methods are used, most often - chemical neutralization and the evaporation method with subsequent condensation. The thermometer case is sent for recycling or destroyed.

An important stage in the disposal of mercury thermometers is the collection of mercury released from the body. Within the framework of this event, utilization service specialists perform the following actions:

  • establish the source of contamination with mercury;
  • determine the level of pollution of the room;
  • they clean the territory from mercury (at enterprises or in residential buildings, including cleaning equipment and furniture from mercury);
  • eliminate all mercury traces;
  • measure the level of mercury vapor;
  • make out the relevant documentation.

Refusal to dispose of mercury thermometers threatens the offender with administrative punishment. It is also worth understanding that such actions can cause serious harm to the ecosystem, cause poisoning, dangerous diseases and even death of people. Such waste is very dangerous, along with class B medical waste and B.

You can order the disposal of thermometers in the company UtilVtorProm. To do this, contact the managers by calling the number. You can also send a request by e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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