Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Refrigerant utilization

Recycling refrigerant requires high accuracy and care in the process of removal and processing. Violation of the rules for the destruction of waste substances can lead to environmental pollution and poisoning of the body.

Freon is a colorless gas that is used in various industries in a liquid or gaseous state under pressure. Limited Liability Company "UtilVtorProm" has a state license to carry out works on recycling.

The rules for the disposal of the refrigerant are strictly regulated and controlled by environmental services. Incorrect gas disposal involves severe punishment. Even a small amount of refrigerant released into the atmosphere provokes a climate threat and contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Who needs utilization of freon

Refrigerant recycling is necessary for companies that deal with:

  • cosmetics production;
  • filling gas cylinders;
  • production of refrigeration equipment;
  • fire extinguishing - it is applied in fire extinguishers;
  • release of chemical products;
  • production air conditioners etc.

But there are other ways to use freon:

  • Freon-based cleaning products are used in dry cleaning;
  • in aerosols, gas is used as a pushing agent;
  • in mechanical engineering for cleaning;
  • for maintenance of computer equipment, etc.

Such widespread use of refrigerants requires the mandatory disposal of waste gas to preserve the environment.

Refrigerant disposal procedure

For disposal of refrigerant, a special container is used that allows transportation and storage of hazardous gas. Disposal is carried out at a special site after the cleaning procedure.

Chladone is disposed of according to the following algorithm:

  • collection of freon from the system;
  • export from a production warehouse;
  • delivery to recycling production and placement in large tanks;
  • neutralization of the harmful effects of gas through chemical reactions and heating;
  • collection of the material obtained and disposal at landfills.

Professional utilization of freon

UtilVtorProm LLC carries out utilization and removal of refrigerants by burial at a specialized landfill, dismantling old equipment and fire extinguishing systems. All work is performed in compliance with the requirements of the law.

The client is provided with a package of documents that confirm the safety of the work performed for record keeping. Works are carried out according to the schedule in strictly stipulated terms, after signing of the contract for rendering services.

Turning to UtilVtorProm each client receives a full range of hazardous waste disposal services.

Our advantages are:

  • work without intermediaries;
  • timely solution of tasks;
  • the provision of transport services throughout Ukraine;
  • warranty on the services provided;
  • an individual approach to each client (we solve problems of any complexity, set loyal prices);
  • prompt provision of necessary documentation in a convenient way for the client;
  • consulting assistance in solving environmental issues.

To order recycling services, obtain more detailed information, clarify cooperation issues or inform about the pricing policy of the company, call the indicated numbers or fill out an online application with contact details.

If you have any questions or need advice, please call or email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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