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Utilization of organochlorine wastes

Chlorine and its compounds are widely used in the chemical and medical industries. It is the by-products of chlorine obtained in the process of producing synthetic materials and substances (PVC, ECG, epoxy resins, etc.) that occupy the first place in the danger they pose to the environment, flora and fauna, and man. Therefore, the disposal of organochlorine wastes is an important task of all enterprises working in the field of organochlorine synthesis.

Types and danger of organochlorine compounds

Synthetic chlorine compounds have no analogues in nature, and therefore do not undergo natural decomposition. Pollution with dioxins chlorine, hexachlorobenzene and other chlorohydrocarbons is dangerous in itself, since these substances are sufficiently stable and toxic, they can accumulate in the soil, atmospheric air, groundwater and wastewater, living and plant tissues. In addition, pollutants can react with other substances (both natural and synthetic), forming hazardous compounds with unknown toxic properties and characteristics.

Danger of chlorohydrocarbons for humans:

  • Violations of the functionality of the reproductive and hormonal systems.
  • The weakening of immunity, leading to the emergence of other diseases.
  • Increased risk of cancer.
  • Congenital defects and pathologies.
  • Developmental delay.

Due to the high toxicity and danger, the disposal of organochlorine wastes is an obligatory legislative requirement for the operation of industrial enterprises working in the field of synthesis and processing of organochlorine.

Methods of utilization of chlorohydrocarbons

Due to the high level of carcinogenicity and the persistence of organochlorine compounds to natural decay, their disposal is not a reliable method of disposal. Therefore, for example, a modern line for detoxification and destruction of organochlorine wastes was organized at the specialized enterprise UtilVtorProm.

To completely neutralize pollutants, a comprehensive system for their disposal is used:

  • methods of rectification from the total mass emit dangerous isomeric monochloropropyne;
  • isolated compounds are completely burnt in sealed cyclone type furnaces;
  • the residues are distilled to isolate organochlorine compounds;
  • the latter are chlorinated at high temperatures until safe chlorine compounds are obtained.

Some substances thus obtained - for example, carbon tetrachloride and tetrachlorethylene - can be used in chemical production as secondary raw materials. Others are no longer dangerous due to their low persistence, and in their natural environment they quickly fall into non-toxic organic and inorganic substances. Depending on the composition of organochlorine wastes, other methods of separating hazardous substances and neutralizing them can also be used.

Professional utilization of organochlorine wastes

LLC "UtilVtorProm" offers services for the disposal of hazardous compounds formed in the process of the chemical industry.

Our advantages are:

  • Extensive experience in the field of recycling of chemical, medical, metallurgical and other hazardous industries.
  • The use of modern absolutely safe for the environment methods of disposal and processing of organochlorine waste.
  • Availability of all necessary documents for the implementation of activities for the disposal of toxic compounds like ammonia, mercury and others.
  • Work under the contract is strictly in the legal field and in accordance with the environmental requirements of regulatory documents.
  • Additional services for the collection, loading, removal, preparation of waste chemical production.
  • Flexible pricing, bonuses and discounts for regular customers.

In LLC UtilVtorProm you will be able to solve the whole complex of tasks for the collection and disposal of hazardous organochlorine compounds with minimal time, effort and money. We offer comprehensive services that will save you from having to store and transport hazardous toxins yourself.

For more information, please call or mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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