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Refrigerator recycling

Disposal of refrigerators sooner or later everyone needs. This home appliances are simply indispensable in the family, in enterprises, in educational and medical institutions. No one can do without refrigeration units. Moreover, each person uses them daily.

A refrigerator that has failed can not be thrown into the street or a dump of household waste. Such a device must be recycled. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" carry out a full range of services after the treatment of the client. Works are performed on the basis of a license.

The relevance of the service of disposal of refrigerators

The refrigerator is an important and reliable household appliance. The average lifetime is 7-10 years. Old refrigerators gradually lose their integrity. This leads to the penetration of air, the formation of a characteristic unpleasant odor and the colonization of the inner walls and stored products by bacteria. Often the cause of deterioration of the refrigerator is damage to the shell of the elements of the freezing chamber, which causes refrigerant leakage.

Components of broken refrigerators contain many hazardous compounds to human health and the environment. In the process of too long operation, they begin to release hazardous volatile substances.

Disposal of refrigerators is most often necessary for the following categories of customers:

  • manufacturers of large household appliances;
  • service centers for the repair of household appliances;
  • utility services;
  • private companies;
  • educational establishments;
  • medical institutions;
  • individuals.

Refrigerators that cannot be repaired must be disposed of.

Refrigerator transportation and disposal conditions

Removal and disposal of refrigerators depends on the individual characteristics of the unit that has worked its life:

  • masses;
  • dimensions;
  • the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • availability of plastic, rubber, glass elements.

All parts of the refrigerator, except for the refrigerant, are recyclable. Disassembly of large refrigerators, as well as dishwashers, washing machines carry out in the laboratory conditions specialists recycling companies. Works are carried out manually.

It is forbidden to dispose of unsuitable refrigerators by sending them to landfills.

When disposing of large quantities of used refrigerators in enterprises, the information is recorded in a special journal. It is led by employees of the labor protection group and representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological service.

When is the disposal of refrigerators necessary?

When refrigerators cease to be serviceable, and the financial costs of repairs outweigh the cost of purchasing a new device, recycling is recommended. This also applies to devices that are morally obsolete.

The price list for utilization of refrigerators is provided by the manager of UtilVtorProm after inspecting the failed unit. The price includes removal of the refrigerator from the customer’s territory, loading into the vehicle, delivery to the place of disposal.

You can organize transportation and hand over the refrigerator for recycling in “UtilVtorProm” after calling the manager by phone, as well as sending a request by e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Defective and not disassembled devices can be delivered to the company's office on their own. It is important to ensure that during transportation not to damage the tube with the refrigerant.

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