Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Disposal of needles and scarifiers

The set is thrown out annually medical waste, which includes both disposable and reusable instruments. Disposal of disposable medical instruments should be carried out appropriately - it can not just be thrown into a trash can or urn because of the possible spread of infection. According to the hazard class, medical waste belongs to the second class, therefore they should be completely disposed of.

Direct disposal of hazardous medical waste

Disposal of needles and scarificators allows you to get rid of the use of disposable tools, which for the most part are ordinary garbage. As soon as the medical staff is faced with the problem of disposal of sharp tools, it must be addressed quickly, so as not to cause unnecessary questions to the health services.

Disposal of medical syringes must be supported by documentation that will ensure that the institution has properly disposed of the tools used. Going syringes systems, needles and scarifiers in containers of the appropriate type and sent for disposal in equipped items. A car of a closed type is used for their removal, which at the end of the procedure is disinfected.

Disposal of infectious waste can be carried out by various methods:

  • burning in special furnaces;
  • burial in designated areas;
  • warehousing;
  • avtoklavirovanie.

Of all the methods, the most environmentally friendly is incineration, with which the disposal of needles is completely safe - the tools that pollute the environment are completely destroyed. The smoke generated during combustion is partially dissolved and neutralized. In the course of recycling, other installations can be used that perform different functions, for example, a shredder and a sterilizer. After such processing, no secondary raw materials remain, therefore the spread of harmful substances and infection is reduced to a minimum.

Sharp waste disposal has its own risks; therefore, it is necessary to ensure not only proper processing, but also storage. For these purposes, it is worth contacting a recycling company that correctly prepares and disposes of hazardous waste. Depending on the characteristics of a disposable medical instrument, a suitable method of disposal is selected, which does not harm either the air or the ground or groundwater.

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