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Disposal of cash registers

Recycling cash registers is a popular service used by shopping centers, beauty salons, supermarkets, shops, hotels, pharmacies and other organizations that provide various services to the public. Cash registers are designed to mechanize and systematize the process of issuing fiscal documentation and cash receipts, as well as control the sale and purchase transactions.

Morally obsolete and depleted cash registers cannot be dumped or disposed of with household garbage. Such equipment is listed on the balance sheet of the enterprise and is numbered in the tax. In addition, in the manufacture of such technology used toxic elements that pollute the environment and adversely affect the health of people and living organisms. Therefore, cash registers that are out of order or unusable should be disposed of.

How are the cash registers recycled?

Before the waste equipment will be sent for processing, it must be written off from the balance sheet of the company and removed from tax records.

To write off cash registers from the balance of the institution, a special commission is created, which makes a decision on writing off the equipment. As a result, an act is drawn up according to which the cash register is not subject to further use. The document should indicate the reason for the write-off of the equipment (the presence of irreparable damage, normal wear of equipment, etc.) and the characteristics of the equipment.

To remove the cash register from tax accounting, you must contact the tax office, write a statement and submit a number of documents. After consideration of the application, the tax inspector issues a de-registration certificate.

When the waste equipment is removed from the balance sheet and tax accounting, the individual entrepreneur or individual may enter into an agreement with a company that deals with the disposal and recycling of waste.

Where to order the disposal of cash registers?

Recycling of cash registers is a complex and multi-level process, which is carried out by specialized companies in accordance with the norms and requirements that are regulated by environmental legislation. You can order the disposal of cash registers at UtilVtorProm. Our staff provides a full range of services for the storage and disposal of waste office equipment. You can independently bring the devices to our office or use the equipment removal service. The presence of the necessary transport allows us to transport waste of any quantity and volume.

The disposal procedure begins with the preparation of the act of receiving / transmitting waste and conducting expert evaluation of devices. Then, in the production premises, the delivered equipment is carefully inspected and disassembled. Every detail is carefully checked and sorted according to the degree of danger and the material of manufacture. Toxic components are neutralized, and valuable materials are recycled and used as recycled materials in production. Due to the availability of advanced equipment, the use of safe processing technologies and the professionalism of specialists, the utilization of cash registers will be carried out efficiently and quickly.

To order the service of processing cash register equipment, ATMscall by phone, leave a request on the site or send an email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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