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Kinescope recycling

Kinescope recycling today is becoming less common. Technical progress is gradually ousting kinescope machines from the market of household and computer equipment. They were replaced by LCD monitors a long time ago. They realize all the needs of modern man to transmit video.

It is impossible to dispose of a failed or outdated kinescope by sending household waste to a landfill. The device is subject to professional disposal. Specialists of the company "UtilVtorProm" perform the full range of services after the application of the client. Activities are carried out on the basis of a license.

The relevance of kinescopes recycling services

Kinescope - a component of the monitor or television receiver with an electron gun and a variety of components. The average life of the monitor is 5-7 years.

CRT contains a large amount of Hazardous for human health and the environment elements. During the operation of the device, they do not cause harm. However, once in the garbage dump, the parts of the picture tube come into contact with rainwater, sunlight and soil particles. Thus, the parts involuntarily begin to release harmful toxins. The same can be said about batteries.

The following categories of clients apply to the utilization of kinescopes:

  • computer and home appliance manufacturers;
  • service centers for the repair of office equipment;
  • utilities;
  • private companies;
  • schools.

Kinescopes that cannot be restored and used must be disposed of properly.

Conditions of transportation and disposal of kinescopes

Transportation and utilization of kinescopes or monitors from devices for various purposes depends on the specific characteristics of a failed or outdated device:

  • masses;
  • dimensions;
  • the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • the presence of plastic, rubber, glass fragments;
  • the presence of water or other compounds inside the enclosure.

Disassembly kinescopes of large dimensions for parts carried out in laboratory conditions, utilization specialists. Recycling is done manually. In this case, a kinescope and small component devices are removed from the monitor. Those that are dangerous to the environment are sent for recycling, otherwise toxic and radioactive compounds will be released from the parts:

  1. Barium salts Destroy mucous membranes and smooth muscles. The first sign of barium exposure to the body is sudden muscle spasms and feeling unwell.
  2. Strontium compounds. In contact with air masses, strontium is oxidized and represents a great threat to the entire environment. In humans, the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract are destroyed.
  3. Lead. Being in an unbound state, lead provokes anemia, renal failure, impaired blood formation in humans.
  4. Mercury. Mercury vapor is deadly to all living things. They are highly toxic, destroy the mucous membranes and walls of blood vessels.

Metal fragments of monitors are being melted down. Parts that are not recyclable are destroyed in furnaces at high temperatures until complete decomposition.

Responsibility for the refusal to dispose of monitors that have lost their performance, falls on the managers of the company or individuals who owned the devices. It is forbidden to dispose of unsuitable kinescopic monitors by throwing them into household waste dumps or leaving them outside their homes.

When disposing of batches of non-operating kinescope machines at large enterprises, the information is recorded in a special journal. It is conducted by employees of the department of labor protection and representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological service.

The need for recycling kinescopes

When kinescopic devices lose their functionality, and the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of buying a new device, the decision is made to dispose of it.

The price list for utilization services of kinescopes is issued by a specialist of the company "UtilVtorProm" after inspecting the apparatus unserviceable for operation.

You can order the export and subsequent disposal of a non-working monitor or TV in “UtilVtorProm” after calling the phone manager, as well as sending a request by e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Defective and not disassembled devices can be delivered to the company's office on their own.

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