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Keyboard Recycling

Disposal of keyboards, like other household appliances, is a very topical issue today. Every day more and more people buy new appliances, respectively, household waste is becoming more. In order not to pollute the environment with this kind of waste, we have the opportunity to dispose of already unnecessary equipment. All electricity-powered objects carry danger — some more, some less. What you need to know about the disposal of this kind of technology, like a keyboard from a computer?

Keyboards often break, and, more often than not, we just throw them away, instead of carrying them in for repair.

How dangerous is throwing the keyboard in the trash?

As is known, the release of technology to the landfill threatens to pollute the environment and the gradual destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer. But what danger do keyboards carry?

The keyboards contain lithium-ion batteries, which are dangerous not only for human health, but also for the outside world. It is especially dangerous to throw away damaged, swollen, burst lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the keyboards contain plastic and metallic materials, which also adversely affect the state of the environment.

How are keyboards recycled?

Disposal occurs in several stages:

  1. First, the keyboard is subject to complete disassembly.
  2. After that, the master selects the parts that can be used without processing the material.
  3. From what remains, toxic and environmentally harmful elements are removed, such as mercurylead
  4. All remaining parts are crushed and melted down to get recycled materials that will be used for industrial purposes.

What happens if you do not dispose of the keyboard?

Keyboards have components that can be disposed of without harming the environment. According to the above, electronics like keyboards contain a lot of harmful and even hazardous substances that are a direct threat to our health, penetrating into the air, polluting the soil and water (lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, flame retardant brominated additives, plastic, silicon).

The ozone layer is becoming more and more degraded over time, and this entails global problems. By recycling your keyboard, you take care of nature and provide yourself with clean air.

Keyboard recycling

Keyboard recycling processes often uncover materials that can be used for recycling and reuse in the future. Among them:

  • precious metals (gold, silver);
  • glass;
  • non-ferrous and ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, iron);
  • plastic (keyboard case).

Where to find out more about keyboard recycling?

To get advice from the manager on this issue, or call your keyboard for recycling, call. Or email:utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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