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Utilization of coffee makers

If you have outdated or failed coffee makers or coffee machines, in no case can they simply be thrown into a common container with garbage or taken to landfills with municipal solid waste. Such devices have a very long decomposition time. Utilization of coffee makers and coffee machines allows you to get safe recyclables and protect the environment from pollution.

Is it necessary to dispose of coffee makers?

Different coffee makers and coffee machines can perform a large number of functions, ranging from making flavored coffee and beverages based on it, ending with beating milk with steam, heating water, maintaining temperature, etc. But no matter what tasks such a technique would perform, after it has completed its due date, it must be disposed of. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that coffee makers are made of plastic, based on polymers. Concerning:

  • plastic products can decompose for tens and even hundreds of years, cluttering up landfills and solid waste landfills;
  • getting into the environment, especially in water bodies, seas, polymers lead to the death of sea and river inhabitants.

It is also strictly forbidden to burn any plastic waste, because in the process of burning polymers emit dangerous vapors that poison the environment and all living things.

Unauthorized release, as well as the dumping of coffee makers and other household appliances, is regarded as a violation of environmental standards, which entails civil, legal and administrative liability. The penalty for such offenses may be several times higher than the cost of recycling coffee makers. Therefore, the most rational and economically viable solution will be to contact specialized recycling companies.

Features recycling coffee makers

Used, broken or simply outdated coffee makers that are no longer used are recyclable. For this reason, they are recycled by specialized companies that have a license for it.

The process of recycling coffee makers consists of the following steps:

  • waste collection;
  • transportation of waste to specialized sites or landfills for disposal;
  • disassembly of coffee makers and coffee machines into components and their sorting;
  • processing of plastic, metal, electronics and other materials for recycled materials;
  • destruction of waste unsuitable for recycling.

When ordering recycling coffee makers, coffee machines, gas stoves and other household appliances in the Utilvtorprom company, you relieve yourself from many troubles. We take upon ourselves the whole range of work: we will independently remove unused equipment from your home, office, enterprise, carry out all work on its recycling and disposal in compliance with environmental safety standards and rules, and also provide full documentary support.

Call to get all the information you need, or write to e-mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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