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Recycling CDs

Billions of compact discs are made each year, and most of them after a short period of time end up in a landfill. Often people just do not think that by such actions they pollute the environment. And it's not just that the disks accumulate in landfills and solid waste landfills (such products decompose very slowly - at least a hundred years). In the production of compact discs, various toxins are used that harm the entire ecosystem. Disposing of compact discs is a mandatory environmental safety requirement. You can order the service only in companies that have the appropriate license. Unauthorized recycling is considered to be the same violation as the disposal of recycled materials or its unauthorized release to landfills.

Why recycle CDs?

The compact disc contains aluminum, plastic and various chemical compounds that pose a threat to the ecosystem. In this regard, the current legislation prohibits not only the unauthorized release of these utilities, but also its combustion, during which toxins are released into the air. In addition, after burning CDs, the resulting residue still harms the environment. That is, burning as disposal of compact discs is not even considered. But such products are perfectly processable. Moreover, the recycled materials used in the processing of compact discs can significantly save non-renewable energy sources.

CD Scrapping Features

Most of the components of CD / DVD discs can be excellent recyclable, and therefore the most optimal method of disposal of compact discs is polymer processing. The procedure is performed in several stages:

  • disassembling disks into components and their sorting;
  • removal of paint coating and various contaminants using special laser equipment;
  • waste granulation;
  • removal of aluminum particles;
  • mixing granular material with polycarbonate;
  • use of recycled materials for the production of new items.

This method of disposing of CDs is completely safe at every stage. The technology used eliminates environmental pollution, the entry of toxins into the air or water.

Where to put used CDs?

If you have old, unnecessary, damaged CDs (with movies, music, applications, games, various programs or text documents), keyboards, Tablets, in any case, do not throw them away. Such action is regarded as a violation of the law on environmental safety, and bears an administrative penalty of a fine.

You can order the disc disposal service at UtilVtorProm. You can bring us unnecessary or damaged compact discs for their processing or call our specialists to collect and transport scrap materials. We guarantee compliance with all security measures and legal aspects. We provide full documentary support of the services provided. You can be sure that you are acting within the law and do not harm the ecosystem.

To find out more detailed information, to clarify the cost of services and place an order, please contact our phone manager. You can also ask questions by email. utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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