Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Recycling of computers

Computer recycling is the disassembly and separation of components and raw materials into electrical waste. Selling old computer equipment does not make sense. The market has a number of new office equipment, which can be purchased at affordable prices. Recycling computers is the only effective way to get rid of any equipment used in the office, in factories, at school or at home.

What danger is a failure to dispose of computers and office equipment?

Inside the computer equipment there are many elements that contain toxic compounds dangerous to human life. The most toxic is lead, which is used in the manufacture of cathode-ray tubes and oscillographic lamps. The problem that arises when storing dangerous components of computer equipment arises from the fact that raw materials are not properly removed, without security measures, and people who do it themselves are subject to various diseases.

Mercury is used in some fluorescent lamps. Getting into the brain, it causes a disturbance of speech, vision and hearing, negatively affects the coordination of movements. Cancer and bone deformities are also possible. In older devices may be freon, used mainly in air conditioning systems. Its use is already prohibited because of the harmful effects on the ozone layer of the Earth.

Bromine compounds used in the computer industry are a source of neurological problems. Chronic poisoning causes difficulty in speaking, apathy and loss of memory. Nickel, located in cathode-ray tubes, batteries, or electroplating, causes changes in the bone marrow, damage to the mucous membranes, promotes the formation of tumors.

These are just some of the hazardous substances found in the chassis of computer equipment. It is very important to realize the scale of the threat. Only one battery can contaminate up to a cubic meter of soil and up to four hundred liters of water.

How are computers recycled?

Before the recycling process is the conclusion of the contract. Then the equipment is dismantled and recycled, resulting in high quality raw materials.

Properly executed processing process, which is subjected to electronics, is divided into three levels:

  1. At the first stage, actions for updating and repairing are performed, which are aimed at restoring the original function of the device.
  2. Recycling of computers includes the disassembly of equipment. Separate valuable items that can be reused and hazardous containing lead should be separated from each other.
  3. The last processing level is sorting and grinding the recovered components to obtain as much material as possible.

What will happen if you do not dispose of computer equipment?

Harmful substances found in devices in small quantities. However, the threat, as a rule, is not limited to poisoning by direct contact. Improperly stored or recycled computers are primarily dangerous for the environment.

Harmful substances can get into the soil, and then into the groundwater. They will return to people in the form of acid rain or plants, which receive nutrients from the soil (so the pathogenic circle closes). The problem grows and begins to directly threaten the person.

Disposal should be entrusted to specialized companies that are equipped with modern equipment and have state licenses to perform such types of work. Employees "UtilVtorProm" provide professional services for the disposal of computers, electronics, office equipment at competitive prices. You can contact representatives of the company by numbers or by email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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