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Condensate disposal

Condensate disposal is an expensive and complicated process. Condensate is a liquid that contains various hazardous compounds. It is prohibited to drain it into water bodies or into the sewage system, since even in a small volume the condensate has a negative impact on the environment. The only solution is competent disposal. From all types of oils condensate can be cleaned in special separators. The stage of the highest quality cleaning takes place in filters with activated carbon.

What is condensate?

Condensate is a mixture of hydrocarbons released during the extraction of oil and gas. The composition of this fluid includes many toxic substances. Gasoline kerosene and methane-butane fractions poison the earth, as well as the waters of the oceans when released into them. They can cause significant harm to the environment.

How is the condensate utilized?

To the place of utilization gas condensate is transported in a special transport. The product is divided into components, the sulfur components are removed, and then sent for chemical synthesis to the laboratory. The result is a fraction of light hydrocarbons.

Upon decomposition under the influence of temperature, ethylene, propylene, and other organic compounds are obtained from the condensate. This raw material can also be used for the manufacture of rubber, fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel). Professionals are determined with the method of processing only after analyzing the composition of gas liquids, which ensures high-quality disposal.

In no case can you dispose of condensate yourself. This case must be entrusted to professionals. With proper processing, it turns out:

  • to prevent the negative impact of the consistency on industrial facilities, the environment and public health;
  • avoid penalties for improper handling of toxic compounds;
  • increase the efficiency of the gas extraction company, apply condensate correctly (for example, as fuel);
  • increase the rate of production of oil and gas products.

Condensate can also form in the machine nodes. To comply with generally accepted safety standards, this hydrocarbon liquid must be properly destroyed.

What happens if you do not dispose of condensate?

If the responsible persons or managers of the company for the extraction and transportation of oil and gas neglect the requirements for the disposal of condensate, they face the imposition of fines, the temporary deprivation of the right to carry out the company's activities, and in some cases - criminal liability.

Condensate utilization by UtilVtorProm specialists

Gas condensate can be disposed of only by specialists of specialized companies. "UtilVtorProm" has the required documents, licenses and certificates that allow recycling and disposal industrial waste any hazard classes.

To recycle condensate, Coolant and others waste production quickly and efficiently, please contact the representatives of "UtilVtorProm" by phone or by email utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Our manager will give answers to all your questions.

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Condensate utilization by UtilVtorProm specialists


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