Disposal and recycling of waste in Ukraine

Disposal of cosmetics and perfumery

At the moment ecology Ukraine They are at risk of accident due to the large number of various wastes. Disaster on a large scale is also recovery cosmetics and perfumery. There are major sources of waste perfume:

  • Sponsored samples. The largest number of overdue items appear in consequence of marketing and advertising companies. Samples are small and perishable stocks of many large companies are filled with samples that require recovery.
  • Products, which has a shelf life left. Such products are not suitable for use, and the more sales, so they should be disposed so as not to harm the ecology of the country. Before the destruction of the goods under examination. Modern factory and regularly made the whole party makeup marriage, it should be destroyed without fail.
  • Also Disposal Plant It indicates that the cosmetics and perfumes should be kept at a certain temperature and humidity conditions. Immediately after production and before urinating all goods regulations must be complied with, and if they do not comply, then such products can not be put on sale.
  • The remnants of cosmetics. Women use makeup and perfume all the time, while the used tubes and bottles thrown in the garbage cans, then they are not processed with the help of special tools and come to landfills. Be adversely affected ecology.

How does recycling

Many companies recycling they ignore the fact that, first of all, it is necessary to think about ecology, produce poor-quality work and, at best, simply crush or compress waste. The remnants of the chemical industry get into the soil and infect it, therefore, to act in this way is strictly prohibited.

How are Disposal of hazardous waste in the right order:

  • the goods for destruction is accepted, transported and sorted;
  • in shredder equipment, it is crushed, then brecketted on the press or burned in such furnaces that have gas cleaning;
  • after the procedure is drawn up;
  • the end product is used as an additive in mixtures for the construction, thus, the work is obtained without waste.

Do not think about where to dispose of wasteIt is worth using the services of specialists who will do the work quickly and with proper quality.

We guarantee fast and high-quality waste disposal at affordable prices.
Order recycling by calling the company or filling out the online form mail utilvtorprom@gmail.com . Our managers will give detailed consultations, draw up an agreement and send documents for consideration.

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