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Disposal of paints

Paints are widely used not only in everyday life, but also in production (metallurgy, engineering, agriculture, construction). Also paints and varnishes found their use in military-industrial complexes, printing houses, enterprises of railway and road transport. Despite the advantages and practicality, these substances contain toxic components that are dangerous to the public and the environment. According to the legislation, damaged paintwork materials must not be stored, thrown away or taken to landfill. Such waste should be transferred to specialized enterprises that are engaged in the professional disposal of paints.

The company "UtilVtorProm" has a special license and the relevant certificates for works with hazardous waste. Our specialists provide services for the collection, storage, procurement, transportation and subsequent processing of paints and varnishes. Disposal of paints is carried out with the use of modern equipment and environmentally friendly technologies, which guarantees high-quality processing and disposal of hazardous waste.

Danger of waste paint

Paints and varnishes - liquid or powder formulations, which in addition to useful for the production of properties contain toxic substances. The need to dispose of paints is due to several reasons:

  • Waste paintwork materials are flammable and often become a cause of fire in enterprises.
  • Improper storage of waste leads to increased concentrations of toxic substances that enter the air, water and soil.
  • Toxic substances contained in paint waste can lead to the administration of the digestive system, damage to the respiratory tract, skin, eyes, kidneys and liver.

In order to protect natural resources and public health, waste paint and varnish materials must be subjected to professional recycling. Poor quality, spoiled and waste paint and varnish materials, their waste, as well as paper and containers contaminated with paint.

How is paint recycled?

Paints and varnishes have a viscous structure and a complex chemical composition, which makes the process of processing high-tech and multi-level. The main goal of disposal is to neutralize hazardous chemicals and reduce the level of toxic effects on the environment.

The first step in the disposal of paint is to determine the type and composition of the waste to be recycled and sort them. The second stage is aimed at neutralizing and reducing the acidity of waste components with the help of various sorbents. The next stage of processing involves crushing the remaining solid granules, fractions and containers.

Disposal of paint is considered waste-free, since the materials obtained are sent to construction plants, where they produce various types of cement.

What methods are used for paint disposal?

Depending on the composition and type of waste, the processing of paints and varnishes can be carried out in the following ways:

  • Plasma utilization - destruction of paint on pure synthetic gas under the influence of physical factors;
  • incineration in specialized furnaces;
  • landfill waste;
  • processing of materials by the method of recovery and regeneration.

Trusting the processing of paints and varnishes to UtilVtorProm specialists, you can be sure about the quality and safety of waste disposal. In addition, contacting a specialized company will allow you to forget about the need to store flammable, hazardous waste in your warehouse, as well as save money on fines and environmental taxes.

To order paint recycling and other industrial waste, get additional advice on processing technology, call or write to utilvtorprom@gmail.com. Our experts will answer any questions you may have.

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