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Recycling lamps for solarium

Artificial tanning has long been popular and the number of clients of tanning beds increases every year. In this regard, such a difficult question arises as before managers of beauty salons, as the utilization of lamps for tanning beds. The problem is that the lamps have poisonous mercury vapors in their composition. There is no threat as long as the device remains airtight, but if it is disturbed, it may face an environmental catastrophe.

What is the danger of lamps for tanning

In the solarium are used fluorescent lamps. If they are not properly collected, stored, used, transported, disposed of or disposed of, there may be a threat to the health and life of people, as well as damage to the environment, animals and plants. The danger is particularly serious due to the fact that mercury is contained in the lamps in the gas state, and therefore, when released into the air, it quickly spreads, poisoning everything around.

When poisoning with mercury vapor in humans, the digestive and nervous system is affected, the intestines are disturbed, the pulse is slowed down, fainting, nausea, and vomiting are possible. If the problem is not immediately eliminated, it can lead to serious diseases of all organs and systems, and with a high concentration of mercury - to death.

Water, soil, and various buildings polluted by mercury can remain sources of mercury vapor for decades.

Recycling lamps for solarium

Mercury lighting fixtures belong to the first class of danger. In this regard, their disposal should be handled by the relevant companies that have permission to do so. Lamps must be transported in suitably equipped vehicles to the place of disposal (special sites or landfills). Before disposal, they are stored in special enclosed areas.

Recycling lamps for solarium includes the following steps:

  • disassembly of lighting devices for components;
  • disinfection of harmful substances and their destruction;
  • sorting of useful components with their subsequent processing (or transfer for use to other enterprises).

Contact UtilVtorProm to use the recycling service for lamps and other household and industrial waste.

Consequences of not recycling lamps

If businesses and beauty salons ignore the established rules for recycling lamps for tanning beds, this can have serious consequences for the ecosystem, including human health and life. In this regard, the disposal of mercury-containing lamps is strictly regulated by federal law. If it is not observed (including spontaneous emission of used fluorescent lighting fixtures), the offending company may incur an administrative penalty, up to an administrative arrest of responsible persons.

The company "UtilVtorProm" proposes to conclude a contract for the disposal of lamps from the solarium on favorable terms. We ourselves take care of the transportation and recycling of lighting equipment, adhering to all safety measures. We have high-tech equipment and extensive experience in recycling household and industrial waste. To order the service, call the manager of the company by phone. If you have any questions, please contact us by mail. utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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