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Disposal of Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are a kind of gas-discharge lamps, which include mercury. It is because of this component that the recycling of fluorescent lamps requires the use of special technologies and compliance with safety regulations.

What are dangerous fluorescent lamps?

Like any other mercury-containing items, fluorescent lamps pose a threat to the entire environment. Each such lamp (it does not matter whether it is in working condition or is recyclable) contains toxic components. Disposal of fluorescent lamps provides for their preliminary disinfection, after which the devices cease to pose a threat. If, instead, the lamps are simply thrown into landfills, the consequences may be as follows:

  • sooner or later, the tightness of the body of the fluorescent lamp will be broken (fragile glass is easy to damage, it’s enough just to drop something from above, and this happens all the time at the dump);
  • mercury vapor will be released into the air, and as a result of precipitation, not only heavy metals, but also other toxic substances will start leaching;
  • hazardous compounds will fall into the ground and groundwater, after which they will be distributed for kilometers around;
  • the whole area will be contaminated (from acute intoxication to disturbance of the entire ecosystem in the whole region depending on the concentration of toxins).

For the human body, mercury vapor poisoning poses a serious threat. As a result of intoxication, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed, excitability increases, pronounced hand tremor appears, the gastrointestinal tract function is disturbed, and the kidneys are affected.

Features of recycling fluorescent lamps

Some companies still practice the complete destruction of all elements of fluorescent lamps with their subsequent shipment to landfills. But this approach is completely wrong, as the residual effects of toxins still negatively affect the environment. Proper disposal of fluorescent lamps includes:

  1. Waste collection. Store the lamp until disposal should be careful not to damage the body of the product, and heavy metals do not burst out.
  2. Transportation of waste to special sites or landfills for recycling.
  3. Analysis of the device's case into separate parts, sorting of all received elements.
  4. Collecting mercury vapors, sending them for recycling (extraction of this metal) or disinfection.
  5. Destruction of the remaining materials (grinding, remelting, etc.).
  6. Recycling of materials or their disposal by burial.

This technology of utilization of fluorescent lamps allows the most efficient use of waste in secondary production, and environmentally friendly recycling methods help protect the environment from hazardous substances.

What is the punishment for refusing to dispose of fluorescent lamps?

Any mercury-containing devices are a threat to the entire ecosystem. Ignoring the rules for recycling fluorescent lamps, you violate the rules of environmental safety, regulated by the legislative framework of the country. The offender faces administrative and criminal liability. This can be not only an impressive fine, but also a temporary loss of the right to carry out its activities.

To avoid such consequences, contact UtilVtorProm. We provide a full range of services for the disposal of industrial and household waste on favorable terms. Call for more information on the numbers or contact company manager by email utilvtorprom@gmail.com.

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