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Disposal of oil

Oils constitute a huge part of the waste produced daily in the process of life. Motor, hydraulic, mineral, cosmetic, vegetable, animal, modified natural - not a complete list of oils that must be recycled or destroyed. It is a mistake to consider that the utilization of oils is an extra measure, because these substances are not capable of causing any harm, and it is possible to get rid of them by the simplest method of burning. However, it is not.

As the experience of previous years has shown, as a result of burning (and it was also carried out to obtain thermal energy), an enormous amount of harmful elements was released. They settled in the land, water and air, causing great harm to the environment. At the same time, the results of a frivolous attitude to the utilization of oils became visible rather quickly, which led scientists to think about alternative ways of getting rid of waste products.

Oil recycling today

Used oils are disposed of by such methods:

  1. Regeneration, by which all the qualities of the material are restored. This is the best way to produce the most products.
  2. Dehydration. The resulting raw material can be heated oven.
  3. Thermal cracking The resulting raw materials are used in chemical production.
  4. Coagulation. The difficult way demanding further filtration of the received raw materials.

In addition to the above complex technical processes, there are physicochemical methods. These are ion exchange and adsorption purification methods. Their main drawback is that they are too expensive.

When adsorption using real particles that can absorb pollution. These can be natural components (zeolite, bauxite, clay) or elements synthesized in the laboratory (aluminum oxide, silica gel).

During ion exchange purification, unwanted impurities dissolve and decompose into ions by passing through special mechanisms (ion exchangers). This technology is suitable for extracting acidic impurities, but is useless with respect to resins. For example, with this method, just one liter of polluted oil turns a thousand cubes of pure fresh water into technical (therefore, unsuitable for drinking).

How is the disposal of oils?

The process of recycling oils is as follows:

  1. Utilization companies in collection points collect the oil provided by enterprises that is unsuitable for further work.
  2. Primary cleaning, due to which subsequent disposal of oils is possible.
  3. Actually recycling oils.

After processing, most oils produce recycled materials that are suitable for use. The exception is edible oils (due to the carcinogens they contain). These dangerous elements cannot be neutralized even after a complete recycling process.

The consequences of neglecting the disposal of oils

Disposal of oils - a necessary stage in the activities of each production. During the transfer of oil for processing should be kept strict accounting and subsequent control. For violation of these requirements, the legislation provides for administrative liability. The public environmental inspector may impose a fine on the person in charge or on the head of the company.

Advantages of oil utilization by UtilVtorProm specialists

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