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Fuel oil disposal

Proper disposal and processing of fuel oil is a task that enterprises and enterprises working in the field of manufacturing and repairing motor vehicles, sea and river fleet vehicles, the oil refining industry, and even housing services. The need to dispose of in accordance with established standards is regulated by law.

Only certified enterprises can process fuel oil.

What happens if you dispose of fuel oil

Disposal of fuel oil in accordance with the established rules is mandatory. In case of careless handling of this oil product, the probability of fires and explosions, pollution of water bodies, soil and atmosphere is high. Oil products are toxic to animals and humans when burned, and when spilled in water, they create an airtight film on the surface of the reservoir. This leads to the death of representatives of marine and river fauna from asphyxiation.

In many cases, fuel oil is not recycled, but recycled. In nature, oil reserves are gradually depleted. Recycling of fuel oil can reduce the consumption of a valuable resource.

How is the utilization and processing of fuel oil

Non-conforming fuel oil is disposed of in the following ways:

  • Dehydration followed by disposal of solids. Residues are heated in special installations that exclude fire. The liquid evaporates, and what is left is sent to a special landfill for disposal.
  • Chemical-physical method. Fuel oil after adding special substances into it is divided into phases that can be used in industry, and also destroyed without harm to the environment.
  • Chemical method. Under the influence of absorbents, the substance is encapsulated (it is enclosed in a shell for safe disposal).

Fuel oil processing - the first stage of production oils and other fuels and lubricants. Fuel oil processing products are produced on specialized equipment. The first stage is vacuum distillation to obtain tar and three oil fractions. Then residual oil is extracted from tar. Next, the oil fractions are subjected to multi-stage purification, re-separation and layout, depending on the type of the final product. You can add to the composition of other impurities.

Advantages of applying to UtilVtorProm

Turning to our company, you:

  • avoid fines for pollution;
  • get a guarantee of quality service in compliance with the stipulated terms;
  • solve the problem of timely removal of waste from the enterprise;
  • save money.

The company "UtilVtorProm" is certified and certified to work with various types of oil waste. Call our manager by phone. We will draw up a contract and send it for your consideration. If necessary, the manager will give advice on our services.

UtilVtorProm operates in all major cities of Ukraine.

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